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  1. Allegory
    a symbolism device that uses extended metaphors
  2. Alliteration
    • words with same begining letter next to each other.
    • ex. she sells sea shells
  3. allusion
    when an author refers to an event or novel in his novel
  4. characterization
    author describes character
  5. conflict
    main problem in the novel
  6. diction
    the authors tone
  7. epilogue
    extra story placed after the main story
  8. flash back
    when the author shows the reader a past event
  9. foil
    another character that is the opposite of the main character
  10. foreshadowing
    a hint to the reader of something that will happen later in the book
  11. hyperbole
  12. imagery
    descriptions that give the reader mental images of what is happening in the book
  13. irony
    when what is expected doesn't happen and something unexpected does
  14. juxtaposition
    to compare two or more ideas or things
  15. metaphor
    • comparing something without using like or as
    • ex He was a cat. He was that stealthy
  16. mood
    how the author makes you feel through his writing
  17. motif
    a general idea present throughout a novel
  18. oxymoron
    • two opposites put together
    • ex. big shrimp
  19. pardox
    ideas that contradict each other but still make since
  20. personification
    giving non living objects living actions
  21. polysyndaton
    using lots of conjuctions
  22. prologue
    intro to a story
  23. pun
    play on words
  24. setting
    where the story takes place
  25. simile
    • comparing things using like or as.
    • ex. he was fast as a cheetah
  26. suspense
    not knowing what will happen next
  27. symbol
    using an object to stand for something
  28. theme
    basic topic throughout the novel
  29. tone
    attitude of the author
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