USMLE4 step 3

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  1. latent period
    time it takes for a treatment or injry to show effect
  2. mnx of shinlges
    • acyclovir within 48 hours
    • and isolation untill lesions crust over
  3. what is mendelsons syndrome
    aspiration pneumonitis
  4. fluid of choice for pts who are oliguric, acidotic and hyperkalemic
    d5w with bicarb
  5. rx for pid that is severe
    cefoxitin + doxy iv
  6. best initial rx for a patient wit decompensated flash pulmonary edema
    • iv furosemide
    • second is iv nitroglycerin
  7. rx for htn crisis complicated by pulmonary edema
    • iv nitroprossude
    • iv nitroglycerin
  8. most accurate test for cavernous sinus thrombosis
    magnetic resonance venography
  9. rx for preseptal
    rx for septal cellulitis
    • oral anitbiotics
    • iv antibiotics
  10. mnx of a battery stuck in esophagus
    mnx of battery stuck in stomach
    • esophagus--endoscopy¬†
    • stomach--observation
  11. most men with prostate cancer die from what
    from other causes
  12. best initial test for c.diff
    most accurate
    • elisa for stool toxin
    • most accurate is pcr for stool toxin
  13. what over the counter supplements increase bleeding with aspirin and warfarin

    increase bp

    decrease bp
    • ginko
    • chest nut


    black cohosh
  14. celiac disease is associateed with what other disease
    • vitiligo
    • hypothyroid
  15. best first tests when presented with a pt with dementia
    • check b12
    • tsh
    • b1
    • syphilis
  16. mri showing diffuse cortical atrophy is suggestive of what
  17. polycythemia with low epo
    polycythemia with high epo

    carbon monoxide poisoning, lung/cardiac issue, pickwickian syndrome
  18. the type of rash with mastocytosis
  19. glucagonoma
    • diarrhea
    • diabbetes
    • dermatitic-skin rash
  20. consequence of using ocp in early pregnancy
    none., no increased risk of teratogenicity
  21. eye closes involuntarily sporadically secondary to external stimuli is called

    • blepharospasm
    • form of focal dystonia

    botox injections
  22. alpha 1 blockers have 2 uses what are they
    • bph + htn
    • dm2--increase insulin sensitivity, decrease ldl and increase HDL
  23. mnx of herpes in pregnancy
    • screening with serology if history of herpes or exposure to partener with herpes
    • if serology +..acyclovir at 36 weeks
  24. Magnetic resonance angiography using ganolium produces waht
    nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in patient with poor renal function
  25. rx for tuberculoid meningitis in infants and kids
    12 months long
  26. when is a pt considered non infective with active tb
    after 3 sputum acid fast smears are negative on 3 different occasions
  27. best initial rx for chronic pancreatitis
    • etoh cessation
    • small fat free meals

    if refractory then enzymes, celiac nerve block, pancreatic duct decompression
  28. raiu in dequervian thyroiditis, silent thyroiditis, post partum, iodine induced, surreptitious thyroiditis
    it is low
  29. highest risk factor for male breast cancer
    klinefelters syndrome
  30. best screening test to differentiate epididiymitis from torsion
    cremasteric reflex
  31. cr increases after aceI means
    renal artery stenosis
  32. best initial screening test for thyroid in prengnacy
  33. what causes high levels of thryoid hormones in pregnancy
    beta hcg stimulated TSH
  34. what are the tsh levels adjusted for pregnancy
    • 1st trimester-- 0.1
    • 2nd 2.0
    • 3rd 3.0
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