Day 36

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  1. anger
    v. provoke, aggravate, enrage       화나게 하다
  2. auxiliary
    adj. subsidiary, subordinate, additional  보조적인

    During the blackout, the doctors used an auxiliary power generator.
  3. bizarre
    adj. odd, erratic, strange, exotic, irregular 기괴한, 특이한
  4. broaden
    v. enlarge, expand, develop             확장하다, 넓어지다, 퍼지다
  5. check
    v. 1. monitor, examine, inspect      조사하다

    v. 2. stop                          막다
  6. cite
    v. mention, refer to, specify           언급하다

    The police department cited several dangerous areas downtown.
  7. consensus
    n. agreement, unanimity                 합의,의견일치

    After a long meeting, the two sides were finally able to reach a consensus.
  8. cope with
    phr. deal with                    ~에 잘 대처하다

    The soccer players coped with heavy rain and a muddy field as they played the game.
  9. ebb (2)
    v. 1. subside, abate, recede, retire 쇠퇴하다, 약해지다

    After 15 years of fame, the singer's popularity began to ebb.

    n. 2. reflux

    The ebb and flow of ocean tides are caused by the moon's revolving around the earth.
  10. elementary
    adj. rudimentary, basic               기초적인
  11. fashion
    n. 1. style, vogue, mode, fad      유행

    v. 2. shape, create, make, fabricate  만들다

    Colin Powell's masterful diplomacy fashioned a broad international coalition against Iraq.

    v. 3. fit, adjust, suit                  맞추다
  12. finance
    v. pay for                       자금을 조달하다, 재정

    Catherine's parents decided that they would finance her education as long as she received good grades.
  13. force
    n. strength, power, might, energy         힘
  14. legendary
    adj. mythological, fabulous, mythical  전설적인
  15. Markedly
    adv. significantly, noticeably, substantially  현저하게

    The moon's density is markedly less than the earth's.
  16. obvious
    adj. apparent, conspicuous, clear          명백한
  17. output
    n. production                                  결과물
  18. overwhelmingly
    adv. primarily, predominantly         압도적으로

    Praliament overwhelmingly approved the anti-terrorism bill.
  19. pension
    n. subsidy, allowance                   연금, 생활 보조금

    Herbert retired with a small persion despite having worked at the same company for many years.
  20. pioneer
    v. first develop, start, introduce, initiate  개척하다
  21. potent
    adj. powerful, mighty, influential         강력한

    Jackson remained a potent member of the Democratic party.
  22. probe
    v. 1. search, examine, explore, investigate 정밀 조사하다, 캐묻다

    n. 2. exploration, inquiry, quest         조사
  23. quaint
    adj. bizarre, odd, weird                 기이한, (매력있게) 진기한

    The respected customs of yesterday now seem merely quaint.
  24. react
    v. respond, answer, reply                반응하다
  25. reap
    v. harvest, gather, obtain       거두다, 수확하다, 획득하다

    The slaves reaped the wheat in the field all day.
  26. spectrum
    n. range, extent, scope                 범위
  27. stock
    n. reserve, inventory, hoard          비축(물),재고
  28. strain (2)
    v. 1. stretch, tighten          잡아당기다

    Supplies will be further strained by the high demands of consumers.

    n. 2. tension                         팽팽함, 긴장, 중압감, 부담

    Dennis could not take the strain of working as a stock broker on Wall Street.
  29. stroke
    n. hit, striking, blow, beat               일격

    The player up at bat thwacked the ball with such a powerful stroke that it flew clear across the stadium.
  30. sturdy
    adj. strong, robust, stalwart, muscular, stout  튼튼한, 견고한

    The school purchased sturdy desks and chairs that are expected to last several years.
  31. tactic(S)
    n. strategy, maneuver               전술, 책략
  32. tapered
    adj. narrow, tapering            좁아진

    Tapered table legs are a popular funiture design.
  33. upsurge
    n. increase, rise                         급증

    Adolescence is marked by an upsurge of sexual feelings.
  34. utility
    n. practicality, usefulness                실용성

    The engineer based his design on utility rather than appearance.
  35. whereas
    conj. while, on the contrary          ~에 반하여
  36. widespread
    adj. prevalent, broadly accepted, sweeping 널리 퍼진, 광범위한
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