Daily Vocab. II Week 3

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  1. germane
    • adj: relevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter
    • So an amendment to an amendment must be germane to the latter.
  2. grandiloquence
    • noun: pompous speech or expression
    • adj form: grandiloquent
    • Voters are not really expected to pay attention to the grandiloquence.
  3. hackneyed
    • adj: rendered trite or commonplace by frequent usage
    • There was a lot of truth in this reply, however hackneyed.
  4. halcyon
    • adj: calm and peaceful
    • Despite the years since their halcyon youth, they made brave efforts to dance.
  5. hedonism
    • noun: devotion to pleasurable pursuits, esp. to the pleasures of the senses 
    • (a hedonist is someone who pursues pleasure)
    • He's not the only college student willing to trade hedonism for altruism on spring break.
  6. hegemony
    • noun: the consistent dominance of one state or ideology over others
    • It wasn't easy being a jazz fan at the height of rock's hegemony in pop music.
  7. iconoclast
    • noun: one who attacks or undermines traditional conventions or institutions
    • The successful entrepreneur is an iconoclast who is not afraid to introduce something new to the market.
  8. idolatrous
    • adj: given to intense or excessive devotion to something
    • noun form: idolatry
    • Pele in idolatrous times was the dreaded goddess of Kilauea.
  9. impassive
    • adj: revealing no emotion
    • He searched Death's impassive features.
  10. imperturbable
    • adj: marked by extreme calm, impassivity, and steadiness
    • Some people are incurable contrarians or imperturbable logicians.
  11. implacable
    • adj: not capable of being appeased or significantly changed
    • The little boy was implacable when his parents left him alone with the babysitter.
  12. impunity
    • noun: immunity from punishment or penalty
    • In exchange for her testimony, the accomplice received impunity from prosecution.
  13. inchoate
    • adj: in an initial stage; not fully formed
    • Because our company just recently opened its doors, we are inchoate and are not offering all of our services yet.
  14. infelicitous
    • adj: unfortunate; inappropriate
    • The question for this debate is at best infelicitous and at worse misleading.
  15. insipid
    • adj: without taste or flavor; lacking in spirit; bland
    • the soup was rather insipid
  16. plastic
    • adj.related to being shaped or molded; capable of being molded. (n: plasticity n: plastic)
    • An example of something plastic is Play-Doh modeling compound.
    • there's usually a plastic cordiality at these corporate events
  17. plethora
    • n.excessively large quantity; overabundance:
    • "We received a p lethora of applications for the position."
  18. ponderous
    • adj.heavy; massive; awkward; dull:
    • "A ponderous book is better than a sleeping pill."
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