Daily Vocab. III Week 3

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  1. loquacious
    • adj: extremely talkative
    • noun form: loquacity
    • After drinking four beers, my normally quiet wife becomes quite loquacious.
  2. luminous
    • adj: characterized by brightness and the emission of light
    • In the hands of the hero, the magic sword glowed in a luminous manner.
  3. malevolent
    • adj: having or showing often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred
    • noun form: malevolence
    • How malevolent of you to wish that I was dead!
  4. malleable
    • adj: capable of being shaped or formed; tractable; pliable
    • Unfortunately, most teenagers are malleable and give in to peer pressure rather easily.
  5. mendacity
    • noun: the condition of being untruthful; dishonesty
    • adj form: medacious
    • You can always tell a con man by his mendacity and desire to trick you out of your money.
  6. meticulous
    • adj: characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail
    • This accounting job requires a meticulous person.
  7. misanthrope
    • noun: one who hates all other humans
    • adj form: misanthropic
    • The old man was a misanthrope who surrounded his entire yard with barbed wire to keep his neighbors at bay.
  8. mitigate
    • verb: to make or become less severe or intense; to moderate
    • The doctor gave me a prescription to mitigate the pain.
  9. obdurate
    • adj: unyielding; hardhearted; intractable
    • With his obdurate personality and intense dislike for people, Jonathan had all the makings of a professional killer.
  10. obsequious
    • adj: exhibiting a fawning attentiveness
    • The princess had obsequious servants who showered her with attention.
  11. occlude
    • verb: to obstruct or block
    • The police officers have blocked off the road to occlude the bomb from the public.
  12. opprobrium
    • noun: disgrace; contempt; scorn
    • The celebrity chef earned opprobrium when she made a racial slur in front of the media.
  13. pedagogy
    • noun: the profession or principles of teaching, or instructing
    • The school boasts the most progressive pedagogy and a 100% graduation rate.
  14. pedantic
    • adj: overly concerned with the trivial details of learning or education; show-offish about one's knowledge
    • Sometimes, Jason is so pedantic in writing the perfect paper that he forgets to properly manage his time.
  15. penury
    • noun: poverty; destitution
    • Many people in third world countries live in penury and misery.
  16. pragmatic
    • adj.concerned with facts; practical, as opposed to highly principled or traditional:
    • "His pragmatic approach often offended idealists."
    • (n: pragmatism)
  17. precipice
    • n.cliff with a vertical or nearly vertical face; a dangerous place from which one is likely to fall; metaphorically, a very risky circumstance
    • An example of a precipice is the edge of a cliff.
    • He stood on the edge of the┬áprecipice.
  18. precipitate
    • v., n.to fall; to fall downward suddenly and dramatically; to bring about or hasten the occurrence of something:
    • "Old World diseases precipitated a massive decline in the American Indian population."
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