Daily Vocab. IV Week 3

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  1. pervasive
    • adj: having the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
    • So the concept of brand loyalty is very pervasive out there.
  2. pine
    • verb: to yearn intensely; to languish; to lose vigor
    • Some of us pine for that car that folds up into a suitcase.
  3. pirate
    • verb: to illegally use or reproduce
    • None of those practices have eliminated underground pirate networks on many campuses.
  4. pith
    • noun: the essential or central part
    • Remove as much of the white membrane or pith as possible.
  5. pithy
    • adj: precise and brief
    • Here's a particularly pithy commentary about printers.
  6. placate
    • verb: to appease; to calm by making concessions
    • There was no case, it was just a show to placate those who were mad.
  7. platitude
    • noun: a superficial remark, esp. one offered as meaningful
    • These were platitudes dressed up as epiphanies to suit the populist mood.
  8. plummet
    • verb: to plunge or drop straight down
    • Overfishing has caused fish populations and catches to plummet.
  9. polemical
    • adj: controversial; argumentative
    • To have an impact, a polemical argument must be precise and persuasive.
  10. prodigal
    • adj: recklessly wasteful; extravagant; profuse; lavish
    • They left others to gather up the flowers which they scattered with a prodigal hand.
  11. profuse
    • adj: given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
    • Although it's not a profuse display, half the meteors leave glowing trails.
  12. proliferate
    • verb: to grow or increase swiftly and abundantly
    • As companies work their way down the income pyramid, the problems proliferate.
  13. queries
    • noun: questions; inquiries; doubts in the mind; reservations
    • Search engines also engage in predictive text to figure out what queries users might type in.
  14. querulous
    • adj: prone to complaining or grumbling; peevish
    • Adrift in a clueless no-man's-land, I felt my moods range from querulous to despondent.
  15. rancorous
    • adj: obstinately defiant of authority; difficult to manage
    • It is an astonishingly rancorous and controversial debate, with far-reaching implications.
  16. precursor
    • n.something (or someone) that precedes another:
    • "The assasination of the Archduke was a precursor to the war."
  17. prevaricate
    • v.to stray away from or evade the truth:
    • "When we asked him what his intentions were, he prevaricated."(n: prevarication; prevaricator)
  18. prodigal
    • adj.rashly wasteful:
    • "Americans' prodigal devotion to the automobile is unique."
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