USMLE5 step 3

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  1. best initial rx for priapism
    ice packs and an alpha agonist like phenylephrine or epinephrne
  2. screening for gestational diabetes in pregnancy
    • with 50 g glucose if +
    • 100 g glucose
  3. glucose level goals in pregnant women
    • fasting-95 mg/dl
    • post prandial--120
  4. 2 types of hit
    • hit 1--within 2 days, plateslts at 100k
    • hit2-after 4 days, platelets around 50K
  5. lepirudin should be adjusted for what function
    • renal
    • hepatic
  6. borderline use what defense mechanism
    splitting--primitive idealization
  7. defense mechanism for a man who likes man but is homophobic
    reactio formation
  8. best initial rx for borderline
    dialectical behavioral therapy
  9. hemilich maneuver is done for kids how old
  10. what should be the tsh level in a person with thyroid cancer s/p neat total thyroidectomy?
    below normal levels
  11. what is the net clinical benefit for adrug
    benefit vs the harm ratio
  12. intent to treat preserves what
  13. phase 4 trial may detect harms and fatal effects taht were not detected in the earlier phase becasuse
    inadequeate power
  14. what abx increase occurence of pyloric stenosis
  15. diagnosis of diabetes in non pregnan
    hb1ac >6.5

    75 glucose tolerance test  >200

    • >200 and symptomstic
    • >126 after 8 hr fasting
  16. most accurate test for organophosphate poisoning
    rbc cholinesterase level
  17. best initial rx for narcolepsy
    • naps
    • and then methylphenidate
  18. kids with posisitve cad in family and high cholesterol should be screnned when
    >2 yo
  19. high psa, 60s man, bone pain
    bone scan for prostate mets
  20. scuba diving poses what dangers
    how do you prevent it?
    • baro trauma to ear
    • decongestas
  21. npv and ppv are affected by what
    by the pretest probability
  22. rx for acute phase of ms
    iv steroids
  23. drugs to decerase ms exacerbation
    how do you follow ms
    interferon or glutarimer

    with MRI
  24. consequnce of interferon or glutarimer on pregnancy
  25. good prognostic signs for ms
    • female
    • early age
    • optic neuritis
    • relapsing
  26. rx for cat bites
    if allergic to 1st line

  27. when should immunocompormised woem get paps
    every 6 months for 2 years and then annualy
  28. when do you do prostate massage
  29. best initial step when suspecting prostatis
  30. rx for chronic non bacterial prostitis
    sits bath and nsaids
  31. rx for lyme in pregnancy
    consequence of lyme in pregnancy
    amoxacillin or cefuroxime

    nothing if treated properly
  32. work up of a thryoid nodule
    • ultrasound and tsh
    • if ultrasound is suspeicis ---fna
    • if tsh is high or normal---fna
    • if tsh is low--thyroid scan
  33. next step after fna shows cancer of thryoid
    sonogram of neck and cervical lymph nodes
  34. unknown duration of hiv and syphilic, next step
  35. rx for long coinfection of HIV and syphilis?
    short coinfections
    • long---3 week duration
    • short---1 shot
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