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  1. What are the big ideas for Digestion?
    1. Digestion is a north to south process, starting with the brain.

    • 2. The big three organs from a nutritional standpoint are:
    •  - Stomach
    •  - Pancreas
    •  - Gallbladder

    • 3. Digestion is fundamental to nutritional
    • therapy.  Every cell that makes up every tissue that makes up every organ depends on the body’s Digestive System to provide the nutrients it needs to keep on functioning.
  2. What are the big ideas for Blood Sugar Regulation?
    • 1. The primary organs that regulate blood sugar are:
    •  - Pancreas
    •  - Liver
    •  - Adrenal Glands

    2. NEVER before in the history of mankind have we had an emergency need to LOWER blood sugar. (That is, until we started consuming large amounts of refined carbohydrates/sugars).

    3. Americans are inundating their bodies with sugar and refined carbohydrates.  Average is at least 140 pounds of refined sugar in a year.

    4. Reducing insulin surges through adjusting macronutrient ratios will help the body utilize for fats and ketones for energy rather than glucose.
  3. What are the big ideas for Fatty Acids?
    • 1. Healthy Fatty Acid deficiency is epidemic:
    •   - Musculoskeletal issues
    •   - Endocrine issues
    •   - Cardiovascular issues
    •   - Immune issues
    •   - Allergies, Skin problems
    •   - Depression, etc…

    2. Inflammation can be effectively managed with nutritional therapy, therefore reducing healing time.
  4. What is the big idea for Mineral Balance?
    • Calcium is a game of cofactors:
    •   - Systemic pH
    •   - Hormonal Function
    •   - Hydration: Water & Electrolytes
    •   - Other Minerals
    •   - Vitamins
    •   - (Essential) Fatty Acids
    •   - Digestion

    Almost everyone gets enough calcium. They are missing the cofactors that allow the body to absorb/use it.
  5. What is the big idea for Hydration?
    Water is the most common nutritional deficiency in the American population.
  6. What are the big ideas for Endocrine?
    • 1. Endocrine is a system of complex
    • relationships. Always support the whole as well as the parts.

    2. Respect the endocrine individuality of each client.

    3. Always address The Foundations first.
  7. What are the big ideas for Immune & Allergy?
    1. Always address the Foundations first…Healthy digestion is key to healthy immunity.

    2. To improve immune function, strengthen the defenses and remove the stressors.

    3. To resolve food intolerances, address the true allergies along with sensitivities.
  8. What are the big ideas for Cardiovascular?
    1. Heart disease results from over-consumption of processed foods.

    2. The health of the heart reflects the health of the body. ALWAYS address The Foundations first.

    3. Inflammation is a significant cause of the most common form of heart disease.
  9. What are the big ideas for Detoxification?
    1. Detoxification is a parasympathetic process.

    2. Detoxification frees vital cellular and organ activities to function productively and efficiently.

    • 3. NEVER detoxify without addressing The
    • Foundations… all elimination pathways must be open.
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