LPI Exam 1 (Installation & Package Management)

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  1. What is a swap partition used for?
    A swap space is a special partition used by the operating system when all of RAM is full. If the system needs more memory resources and the RAM is full, inactive pages in memory are moved to the swap space. While swap space can help machines with a small amount of RAM, it should not be considered a replacement for more RAM. Swap space is located on hard drives, which have a slower access time than physical memory.
  2. What is a partition?
    A partition is a collection of contiguous memory sectors on the disk. Since these disk sectors are addressable a partition is also a volume.
  3. What is a volume?
    A volume is a collection of addressable sectors on a hard disk. A volume could contain more than one partition on it. Unlike a partition sectors do not have to be contiguous.
  4. What are the recommendations for using a swap space?
    • Swap space can be a dedicated swap partition (recommended), a swap file, or a combination of swap partitions and swap files. Swap should equal 2x physical RAM for up to 2 GB of physical RAM, and then an additional 1x physical RAM for any amount above 2 GB, but never less than 32 MB. The formula is
    • If M < 2 GB
    • S = M *2
    • Else
    • S = M + 2
    • Where M = RAM amount, S = Swap space amount
  5. What happens when a version of a software package one wants to install is not in the repositories of your linux package management system?
    The software package must be installed from source.
  6. What are the basic steps for installing from source?
    • 1. Download the file containing package. (ie a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2).
    • 2. Unpack the files (extract the package from .tar.gz or .tar.bz2).
    • 3. Run the configure script or whatever script specified README to check for the required software tools to build the software package.
    • 4. Run make to build the source code.
    • 5. Run make install to install the software.
  7. Should we remove a software package from source by deleting the directory it is contained in?
    NO. Instead cd to that directory and run 'make uninstall'
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