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  1. As a result of the reorganization of the War Department in 1943, which office was established?
    Air Provost Marshal
  2. After the Air Police school transferred to Parks AFB, California, it was redesignated as which defense school?
    Air Base
  3. On 1 Sep 1950, which organization was established at Tyndall AFB, Florida?
    Air Police School
  4. What happened to the air bases located in the forward areas during the Korean War?
    They were suddenly overrun by the enemy
  5. When was the ban lifted on women entering the security field?
    Jan 1985
  6. In Oct 1997, the security specialist, LE specialist, and CATM career fields merged into
    Security Forces
  7. Which operation was launched against the Taliban in Dec 2001?
    Enduring Freedom
  8. You may display the SF emblem and shield together when...
    doing so enhances the career field image
  9. Which statement describes the SF symbol?
    Falcon over crossed runways
  10. In what year was the first trial issue of the shield approved?
  11. As part of a more distinctive uniform, SF personnel wear a beret with a Defensor Fortis flash, which
    identifies SF as an elite group charged with protecting the AF worldwide
  12. The beret properly worn when the headband is straight across the forehead and
    1 inch above the eyebrows
  13. What AFSC is K9?
  14. What course is mandatory for award of the AFSC 3P051?
    SF Journeyman CDC
  15. You must complete ALS prior to
    assuming the rank of SSgt
  16. The Code of Conduct is a guide for actions during
    War and as a POW
  17. Which Article of the Code of Conduct states, "I will never surrender of my own free will."
    Article 2
  18. Your conduct when apprehending suspects should be IAW
    AFI 31-207 UOF
  19. Which section acts as the liaison between the unit, base supply, HAZMAT...
    S4 Supply
  20. When providing missile field security, how often do you test the alarm systems to ensure operational capabilities of the security system?
    As necessary
  21. When the LF is penetrated or unlocked, or a pay loader with a weapon is present, the LF is designated as
    a limited area
  22. The authority, capacity, power, and right of the military to police their own is known as
    military jurisdiction
  23. Federal statutes are laws passed by Congress, and these laws are contained in the
    US Code
  24. Through discussions, which international law was reached at the Hague and Geneva conventions?
  25. Military jurisdiction stems from
    legal sources
  26. Which article of the UCMJ identifies people who are subject to military jurisdiction or military law?
  27. Article 5 of the UCMJ states that the UCMJ
    applies everywhere
  28. If a person subject to military law commits an offense overseas, that person
    can be tried in the US and vice versa
  29. The punitive articles of the UCMJ are
    77 - 134
  30. The types of jurisdiction found on US gov't installations are
    exclusive, concurrent, partial and proprietary
  31. The federal gov't has sole authority to enforce the law on installations
    when the gov't has exclusive jurisdiction
  32. Under concurrent jurisdiction,
    both the state and federal gov't have authority
  33. As a form of administration, where an occupying power exercises all executive, legislative, and judicial authority over an occupied territory, it is known as a
    military gov't
  34. Which branch of the military has the primary responsibility of operations and administration during military gov't?
    US Army
  35. During qualified martial law, SF have authority to
    detain civilians; not apprehend
  36. Which article of the UCMJ gives SF authority to issue lawful orders while executing their duties?
  37. In order to preserve law and order, Title 18, Sectionn 1382 of the US Code authorizes SF to
    detain civilians for on-base offenses
  38. Which right could you invoke when apprehending a person who, in your presence, commits a crime amounting to breach of the peace?
    Citizens right of arrest
  39. What is posse comitatis?
    A summons for all able-boided males of the country to aid the sheriff in keeping the peace or to pursue criminals.
  40. The MWD greatest advantage to SF is their
    superior ability to detect individuals, particularly during periods of reduced visibility
  41. MWDs should be kept on leash except when they must
    bite and hold a suspect or search an unoccupied building
  42. Before releasing the MWD to search a building, the handler must
    give a verbal warning stating they are about to release the dog
  43. What commands must the MWD obey prior to being assigned to operational duties?
    OUT and HEEL
  44. MWDTs can be effectively employed in almost every aspect of a units
    LE, security, and contingency operations
  45. MWDTs used in LE activities provide an effective
    psychological deterrent
  46. The MWDs greatest advantage during security operations is
    detection capabilities during periods of limited visibility
  47. Under ideal conditions, at what distance can the MWD detect intruders?
    250 yards
  48. What is the MWDTs role when the riot control team is apprehending demonstrators?
    Protect members of the apprehension team
  49. During peacetime operations within a US territory, do not confuse ROEs with
    Rules for UOF
  50. What are the elements of self-defense according to the ROEs?
    Proportionality and necessity
  51. Proportionality of force to counter hostile acts must be
    of a reasonable intensity, duration and magnitude
  52. A written order issued by a competent military command authority to an authorized person to conduct a search is called a
    search authorization
  53. Search authorizations are based upon
  54. Who cannot be given power to authorize search and seizure?
    Chief of SF and SJA
  55. Who can issue off-base search procedures in foreign countries?
    AF installation commanders
  56. What form is used to document a search authorization?
    AF Form 1176
  57. The taking of items by authorities for evidence at courts-martial is called
  58. A search affidavit of "PC" supports your request for
    authorization to search and seize
  59. Gov't property requires search authorization when the
    person issued the property has the reasonable expectation of privacy
  60. If you ask a person to grant consent for a search and they state "Okay if I have to?" what are your actions?
    Restate the question and ask for a yes or no answer
  61. PC is not required when searching as a result of
    lawful apprehensions
  62. Which is not the purpose of an interview?
    Interrogate witnesses to gain info
  63. What are the common reason for an interviewee's reluctance to talk?
    Inconvenience, resentment, and fear of involvement
  64. If a same-sex SF member cannot be present during an interview,
    have a second investigator present
  65. What are the interviewee classifications?
    Witness, victim, complainant, and suspect
  66. Which interviewee is interviewed to develop facts in an investigation?
  67. The 4 step interview process includes preparing, planning, closing and
  68. Determining a time and place to interview is the first step in
  69. What approach is primarily used to interrogate?
  70. Investigative notes should contain the case number, date, person interviewed and
    time of interview
  71. Investigators will conduct pretrial preparation with
    the staff judge advocate (SJA)
  72. Which of the following is a simple courtroom rule SF follow?
    Do not talk to court members
  73. When should you give your opinion during court proceedings?
    Only if asked to do so by the prosecution or defense
  74. The budget program operates on a fiscal year basis beginning the first day of
    October and ending on 30 September
  75. What 2 AF documents help you manage manpower resources?
    UMD and UPMR
  76. The UMD is the primary document that reflects the
    positions authorized to accomplish the mission
  77. Supply discipline is mandatory in order to
    conserve, protect, and maintain available gov't supplies, equipment, and real property
  78. Which of the following is not a general classification of supply items?
    UPMR (Unit Personnel Management Roster)
  79. Collective actions executed quickly without applying a deliberate decision making process describes
    battle drills
  80. Under the Stan/Eval program, unit functional areas are inspected once
    every 12 months
  81. Duty positions in direct support of nuclear resources are designated as
  82. Within how many duty days after an individual completes qualification training will Stan/Evals be conducted?
  83. Under the National Law Enforcement telecommunications System (NLETS) program, where is the communications terminal located?
    At authorized SF control centers
  84. Who enters info about lost or stolen firearms into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC)?
  85. Within how many months after qualification training must SF and battlefield airmen complete unit live-fire sustainment training on their primary weapon?
    5 - 7
  86. Which AF form is used for personnel who use firers on a temporary basis?
    1297, Temporary Issue Receipt
  87. The use of pro-words into radio communication help
    shorten transmissions and facilitate message reception
  88. Persons will not be tasked to supervise inmates if they
    have a UIF
  89. A level 2 facility can house inmates serving a confinement sentence up to how many years?
  90. Inmates are ordered into confinement utilizing which DD Form?
    2707, confinement order
  91. All inmates are assigned a custody status and classified as either
    pretrail detainee, post-trail inmates, or casual
  92. The 2 types of searches used in confinement facilities are
    simple and complete
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