Health Final Exam Review

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  1. Identify the life skill that emphasizes the importance of using analytical skills when reading the newspaper.

    a. Making GREAT Decisions
    b. Using Refusal Skills
    c. Evaluating Media Messages
    d. Communicating Effectively
  2. Symptoms of an eating disorder include all of the following except
    a. starving oneself.
    b. gaining 5 pounds.
    c. obsessive thoughts about weight control.
    d. eating large amounts of food and then vomiting.
  3. The class of nutrient that is essential for body growth and repair is
    a. vitamins.
    b. fats.
    c. proteins
    d. carbohydrates
  4. Teens’ diets
    a. rarely meet energy needs.
    b. tend to be low in calcium, iron, and riboflavin.
    c. tend to be nutrient-dense.
    d. usually meet all energy and nutrient requirements.
  5. Tobacco smoke paralyzes and kills
    a. cilia.
    b. alveoli.
    c. lungs.
    d. mucus.
  6. Which of the following is not a short-term effect of tobacco use?
    a. increased energy
    b. increased breathing rate
    c. increased heart rate and blood pressure
    d. increased blood-sugar levels
  7. When using illegal drugs, the risk of catching certain infectious diseases increases because
    a. people who use illegal drugs are usually ill.
    b. some drugs carry disease.
    c. some illegal drug users share needles.
    d. people who use illegal drugs spend so much time together.
  8. The changes in the brain seen in marijuana users are similar to those seen in
    a. long-term alcohol users.users.
    b. heroin users.
    c. first-time crack
    d. amphetamine users.
  9. Flashbacks are one of the dangerous side effects associated with
    a. LSD.
    b. heroin
    c. amphetamines.
    d. marijuana.
  10. Which of the following describes one difference between powdered cocaine and crack cocaine?
    a. powdered cocaine produces a more intense effect
    b. powdered cocaine is smoked and crack cocaine is injected
    c. the effects of powdered cocaine last longer
    d. powdered cocaine is less addictive
  11. The most frequently used date-rape drug is
    a. LSD.
    b. methamphetamine.
    c. THC
    d. RohypnolTM.
  12. Suicide and accidental death are serious risks for people under the influence of
    a. PCP.
    b. marijuana.
    c. heroin.
    d. all of the above
  13. Accidental injury, violence, unplanned pregnancy, and criminal activity are all possible risks associated with
    a. heroin abuse.
    b. anabolic steroid abuse.
    c. abuse of stimulants and depressants.
    d. all of the above
  14. Which of the following is not true about effective drug abuse treatment?
    a. Patients should be monitored for continued drug use.
    b. Medications should never be included as part of the treatment.
    c. Treatment does not need to be voluntary.
    d. Mental disorders should be treated at the same time.
  15. The best way to avoid drugs is to
    a. make sure your friends know you are not interested.
    b. explain to friends who use drugs why they shouldn’t.
    c. stay away from people who use drugs and places where drugs will be used.
    d. make it clear at parties where drugs are being used that you are not interested.
  16. In men, anabolic steroids cause
    a. an increase in facial hair.
    b. the testes to increase in size.
    c. an increase in sperm production.
    d. a shutdown of normal testosterone production
  17. What is the major cause of death for teens?
    a. homicide
    b. car accidents
    c. infectious diseases
    d. suicide
  18. What is a life skill?
    a. a way of avoiding dealing with problems
    b. a tool for building a healthy life
    c. something to use to make money
    d. a result of your actions
  19. A refusal skill
    a. always comes to mind when you need one.
    b. is something that can be practiced.
    c. Both a and b
    d. Neither a nor b
  20. A goal is
    a. a set of directions.
    b. a tool for building a healthy life.
    c. a result of your actions.
    d. something that you work toward and hope to achieve.
  21. The life skill Using Community Resources means
    a. making good decisions when buying healthcare products and services.
    b. dealing with difficult times, situations, and emotions.
    c. evaluating your health and how your actions and behaviors affect your health.
    d. finding the services that provide help for the six components of health.
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