USMLE5 step 3

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  1. most accurate test for organophosphate poisoning
    rbc cholinesterase
  2. defense mechanism for a man who likes men but is homophobic
    reaction formation
  3. rx for acute exacerbation of ms
    iv steroids
  4. rx for acute exacerbation of most diseases is po or iv
  5. rx for long coinfections of hiv and syphilis
    • 3 week abx
    • 1 week abx
  6. screening test for gest diabetes
    50 g

    100 gram is positive but if after 8 hours, glucose is above 125 dx is diabetes
  7. next step after fna shows thyroid cancer
    sono of neck and lymph nodes
  8. intent to treat preserves what
  9. drugs that decrease ms episodes
    how do you follow activity of dz
    • interferon or glutarimer
    • mri
  10. kids with positive cad in family and high cholesterol are screened when
  11. consequence of lyme in pregnancy
    nothing if treated properly
  12. rx for priapism
    ice packs and alpha agonists like epi or phenylephrine
  13. initial step when suspecting prostatitis
  14. best initial rx for bordeline
    dialectical behavioral therapy
  15. scuba diving poses what dangers, how you prevent
    • barotrauma
    • decongestands
  16. work up of thyroid nodule
    • tsh and ultrasound
    • sono is suspicious--fna
    • high or normal tsh--fna
    • low tsh--radionuclied study
  17. glucose levels goals in pregn women
    • fasting -95
    • post prandial 120
  18. dx of dm 4 ways
    • 126 fasting or on two occasions
    • hb1ac- 6.5
    • 75g oral tolerance 200mg/dl
    • 200 and symptomaic
  19. good prognostic signs for ms
    • female
    • early age
    • optic neuritis
    • relapsing
  20. when do you massage prostate
  21. 2 types of hit
    • hit 1--2 days, plt 100k
    • hit2- 4 days, plt 50k
  22. lepirudin is adjusted for what
    • renal
    • hepatic
  23. heimlich maneuver is done fow aht age
    >1 yo
  24. borderline uses what mechanism
    splitting--primitive idealization
  25. best initial rx for narcolepsy
    naps and then phenyldate
  26. rx for cat bites
    • unasyn
    • doxy
  27. consequence of ms drugs on pregnancy
  28. high psa, bone pain, man 60s
    bone scan for blastic mets from prostate
  29. rx for chronic nonbacterial prostitis
    sits bath and nsaids
  30. goal for tsh level in a person s/p near total thryoidectomy
    below normal so increase t4
  31. phase 4 of clinical trials detects fatal effects of meds that were not detected in teh earlier phases why?
    bc of inadequate power in the earlier phases
  32. what abx incrase the chance of pyloric stenosis
  33. net clinical effect for adrug
    benefit vs harm
  34. when should immunocompromised women get paps
    every 6 months for 2 years and then annually
  35. unknown duration of hiv and syphilis next step
  36. npv and ppv are affected by what
    pretest probability
  37. what is the inheritance pattern of turners
  38. nelsons syndrome
    bitemporal heminopsia, high acth, high pigmentation, post b/l adrenalectomy
  39. adenosine stress test is contraindicated when
    • asthma
    • other bronchospasm
  40. most common side effect of isotretinoin
    pancreatitis due to high lipds
  41. most common and life threatening complication of acute compartment syndrome
    • rhabdomyolysis
    • renal failure
  42. most commo ncomplication of varicocele
  43. what induces puberty in boys and girls
    • boys--testoterone
    • girls--estrogen
  44. most accurate physical exam for torn achiles
    no plantar flexion on calf squeeze
  45. rx for rabies bite
    • never vaccinated--vaccine and ivig
    • vaccinated prior--just vaccine
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