water supply

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  1. Residential use is?
    Water provided to households and serves both interior and exterior uses.
  2. Residential use varies by?
    Household size , climate, income level, and efficiency of fixtures and appliances.
  3. Commercial use varies with
    the type of commercial activity
  4. Industrial use includes:
    Steel,petroleum, pulp and paper, and power.
  5. Public use includes:
    Parks, golf courses, firefighting and street cleaning.
  6. Benefits of water conservation.
    • reduced per capita demand ,
    • reduced need for facilities;
    • reduction in capital and operational and maintenance costs, 
    • protection of the environment.
  7. Potential problems with wate conservation;
    • loss of revenue for utility 
    • program costs
    • potential reduction in reliability
    • difficulty in responding to droughts
  8. what is the 20 by 2020
    SBX7-7 legislation that calls for rduction of 20% by 2020
  9. Combined indoor and outdoor single family US avg;
    179 gallons per capita per day (USGS)
  10. combined in/outdoor use CA / NV
    • Nevada 223 gpcd
    • California 203 gpcd
  11. 50% residential use is
    Typically outdoors
  12. Highest indoor residential use comes from
  13. H.E.T. use?
    High efficiency toilets use 1.28 gal perflush
  14. Ulft
    Ultra low flush toilet 1.6 gpf
  15. Approximately 30% of the water in the world is ground water ; T/F
  16. 3 major California Aqueducts
    • L.A.
    • Colorado 
    • SWP
  17. The Los Angeles river is not
    A perennial stream
  18. Name the upper basin states
    • Colorado
    • Wyoming
    • Utah
    • New Mexico
  19. Lower basin states
    • California 
    • Nevada
    • Arizona
  20. What is the most important factor in Dam desing/construction
    Subsurface conditions
  21. Who developed the SWP
    The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  22. The main purpose of the CVP
    Provide water to the central basin
  23. Water for the L.A. aqueduct
    comes from Mono Lake
  24. Three most important Factions in California water
    • Environmental
    • Agricultural
    • Residential
  25. Recyceld water infiltrated into the ground is
    indirect potable water
  26. What is hydrology
    The study of water movement, Quality  and how it moves through the Hydrologic cycle
  27. What is a Prescriptive water right?
    a legal doctrine that allows a water user to overcome a previous water right held by another.
  28. water commission act of______
    1914  established water rights permit process and later the Sate water Resource control board
  29. 3 water rights
    • Riparian
    • Ground water rights
    • Appropriative rights
  30. Right entitles a land owner to use a share of water running past or through his property
  31. ground water rights
    right to the overlaying land owners of such water. in California this is limited to reasonable use.
  32. Appropriative Rights
    Entitlement is based on actual use of the  water and developed from the miners in the 1850s using water on the public domain.
  33. Californias water rights
    are a combination of Riparian and Appropriative
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