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  1. cylinders shall be moved by tilting and rolling them on there ------- edges
  2. Fuel gas cylinders shall be placed with valve ------ whenever in use
    end up
  3. Fuel gas hose and oxygen hose shall be easily __________ from each other
  4. Hose couplings shall be of the type that cannot be unlocked or disconnected by means of a ______ without rotary motion
    Straight pull
  5. Oxygen cylinders and ______ shall be kept away from oil or Greece
  6. All arc welding and cutting cables shall be of the completely _______ flexible type
  7. cables in need of repair ______ be used
    Shall not
  8. All ground _______ shall be inspected to ensure that they are mechanically strong and electrically adequate for the required current
  9. The term _______ means the equipment or material included in a list published buy a nationally recognized testing laboratory
  10. Shall is used to indicate ______ which are mandatory
  11. Supervisors shall be responsible for the safe ________ of the welding equipment and for the safe ______ of the welding process
    Handling, use
  12. Welders shall cut or weld only where all _______ have been met
    Safety precautions
  13. Goggles shall be vented to deter _______ of the lenses
  14. Helmets hand- shield and goggles shall be well _______ and should not be transferred from one employee to another without being cleaned
  15. Cape sleaves or shoulder covers with bibs made of ________ or other_______ material shall be worn during overhead welding cutting or other operations when necessary
    Leather, flame resistant
  16. Caps made from_________ materials shall be worn under helmets when necessary to prevent head burns
    Flame resistant
  17. Only ________ respiratory protective equipment shall be used
  18. Adequate _______ shall be provided for all welding cutting brazing and related operations
  19. Before______ or_______ is begun in a location not designed for such purposes inspection and authorization by a designated management representative shall be required
    Welding, cutting
  20. Confined spaces shall be tested for toxic or flammable gases, dusts and vapors, and for________or_______oxygen before entering and during occupancy
    Adequate, excess
  21. When welding or cutting in confined spaces, gas cylinders in welding power sources shall be located ________the confined space
  22. When a person enters confined space through a manhole or other small opening, means shall be provided for __________ outside personnel for help
  23. Installation and operation of welding, cutting, and related equipment shall be done by, or under the supervision of a ________operator
  24. Cylinder valves shall be _______when equipment is unattended
  25. Hoses cables and conduit shall be ______ and ________ so that they will not be physically damaged
    Located, protected
  26. Oxy- fuel cutting is the process of _______ iron or steel into distinct pieces by using an oxy-fuel flame in combination with a jet of pure oxygen
  27. oxy-fuel gas cutting of ferrous metals is a process of _______ the material to be cut to its kindling or ignition temperature
  28. An oxyacetalene flame has a peak temperature of approximatly
    C. 6300 f
  29. List three types of oxyacetalene flames
    carburizing, neutral, oxidizing
  30. A _______ flame wich consumes approximatley half oxygen from cylender and half acetelene, is used mostly for welding steel.
  31. When more oxygen is supplied to the _____ flame, the inner cone becomes darker and shorter and the whole flame is smaller and hotter
  32. In most cases, cuts are started at the _____ of the piece.
  33. Never adjust an oxyacetelene flame by ______ the amount of acetelene
  34. Oxyacetelene welding is a ___________ process where coalesence is produced by heating with a gas flame.
  35. What are two types of work stations
    A. Portable type, B. Stationary type
  36. Oygen cylinders are supplied with speacially designed bronze valves which are always _____ open when the oxygen is being used
  37. a small drop of oil or greese inside an oxygen ____ or _____ can cause a explosion
    valve, regulator
  38. when Acetylene is continuosly withdrawn at a rate which exceeds 1/7th of the cylinders ____ volume (not its capacity), acetone comes out
  39. Acetylene is generated as the result of the chemical reaction of _______ and water
    Calcium carbide
  40. Recompressing high pressure oxygen in a ____ pressure cavity may create ____ resulting in combustion
    low, heat
  41. List the names of three sides of the fire triangle
    • A. Fuel
    • B.Oxygen
    • C.kindling Point
  42. all gas-air or gas oxygen _____ should be regarded as potentialy dangerous
  43. the odor of commercial ____ is very noticable and charistic, even in small percentages
  44. Propane is a _____ petroleum fuel, which comes from oil refineries or as gas off the top of oil wells.
  45. the oxyacetylene system is commonly used for ___ and ____ operations in piping installations
    cutting, welding
  46. goggles with _____ lenses should be individually fitted to secure best efficiancy and personal comfort
  47. what are two types of oxyacetelyne torches
    • a. The venturi proportioning or injector type
    • b. The pressure-porportioning type
  48. an injector type torch must be used with ____ fuel
  49. a _____ flame is produced by mixing a ratio of aprox. 1 volume of oxygen to 1 volume of acetylene
  50. a torch is essentialy a set of gas tubes with ______ valves
  51. What are the basic components of a torch?
    • a. control vlaves
    • b. the barrel and tubes
    • c. the torch head
  52. a welding tip or nozzle is normally an assembly consisting of a
    • A welding tip
    • B Cone and reducer
    • C coupling nut
  53. a cutting tip with six ______ orifcies will cut more readily in any direction
  54. a single state regulator functions by balancing the force of the _______ spring against the outlet pressure
  55. the adjusting screw of a regulator controls the ____ of the gas and _____ pressure to the hose and torch
    flow, delivery
  56. fuel gas regulators have ______ threaded outlet connections
  57. the pressure on a low-pressuer gage may require some means of ______ for fluctuation in pressure whe it is used with a long hose or a high rate of flow
  58. a premium quality welding hose, ______ is recomended for applications with all fuel gases including acetylene
    Grade T
  59. a ______ is the momentary recession of the flame into the torch tip followed by immediate reapperance of complete extiguishment of the flame
  60. a _____ is the recession of the flame into or back of the mixing chamber of the torch
  61. The reverse flow check valce principle employs a tiny spring mechanism which _____ a small ball or seat to provide a tight seal
  62. Reverse folow check valves and internal check valves are _____ devices that can leak when dirty or damaged
  63. diameter and length of flashback arrestors are _____ to the volume of gas passing through them
  64. Flashback arrestors eliminate the risk of an explosion in the ____ and cylenders
  65. a _____ journeyworker is one who knows not only the technical aspects of the piping trades but also the saftey precautions
  66. an approved filter lens, at least number ____ shade or darker, is required for eye protection when operating oxy-fuel equipment
  67. all welding and cutting equipment must be kept clean and absolutly free of greese, oil and other _____ based substances
  68. Reverse flow check valves should be tested every ___ months at a minumum
  69. regulators must be used only with the ____ and ____ for which the are designed
    gasses, pressure
  70. the oxygen torch connection is usually identified by a _____ in the torch body or in the torch handle, oppisite the oxygen valve
  71. reverse flow caused by ______ pressures results in mixed gases in hoses or regulators
    un equal
  72. do not activate an oxyacetelene system with the regulators pressure _____ screw turned in
  73. Before lighting the torch, ____ of the system is necessart to reduce the possibility of a mixed gas condition in the system
  74. check oxyacetylene equipment for leaks using an _____ oil free leak detection fluid
  75. Using less than required volume of acetylene gas for welding my result in _____ of tip or equipment and can lead to an internal fire or flashback
  76. always match the ____ size to the metal to be cut or welded
  77. If the flame goes out and burns back within a torch, which usually produces a pronounced hissing or squealing noise, immediatly ____ the torch
    shut off
  78. How many adjustments are on a combination oxyacetylene cutting or welding torch
    there are 4 adjustments- 2 located on the torch body and 2 located on the cutting assembly
  79. List the proper order of the 2 steps for exstinguishing the torch flame after cutting or welding
    A Turn the oxygen preheat valve to the closed position

    B turn the gas torch clave to the closed position

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