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  1. •List  the risk factors associated with suicide.
    • Relationship stress, financial stress,
    • legal problems, negative social interactions, recent loss, sense of being a
    • burden to others, mental health problems, significant sleep problems, history
    • of attempts, major life transitions, substance abuse, academic and other life
    • failures, hopeless
  2. Explain what actions Wingmen may take to intervene in impending suicides.
    ACE: Ask your wingmen, Care for your wingmen, Escort your wingmen
  3. List the reasons why people fail to seek suicide prevention help
    Denial, avoidance, fear seeking help will impact job, confidentiality
  4. Identify who is responsible to help prevent suicide
  5. Describe the right to freely exercise religion
    US Constitution gives us the right to freely exercise religion in the 1st Amendment
  6. State the importance of religious diversity
  7. Diversity management is a
    • performance-based leadership strategy, employed by the AF and its leadership to
    • leverage the unique qualities of all of its members.  These qualities include, but are not limited
    • to, race, ethnicity, gender, philosophical/spiritual perspective, educational
    • background, etc
  8. Describe the Air Force guidelines concerning free exercise of religion.
    • We will remain officially neutral
    • regarding religious beliefs, neither officially endorsing nor disapproving any
    • faith belief or absence of belief. 
    • Religious accommodation requests should be approved, except when
    • precluded by: 1. Military necessity 2. Adverse impact on readiness, cohesion,
    • standards, or discipline.  Avoidance of
    • scheduling conflicts between official activities and religious observances can
    • enhance unit effectiveness and demonstrate mutual respect.
  9. Identify the appropriate referrals agencies for religious issues
    • Chain of Command
    • Chaplain Service
    • Equal Opportunity Office
    • Judge Advocate General Office
    • Inspector General
  10. Summarize the idea of respect for others beliefs or non-beliefs.
    • Several elements of the core values
    • require AF members to have respect for others, self-discipline, self-control,
    • and tolerance.  Respecting someone’s
    • beliefs or non-beliefs is not condoning or condemning, just respecting their
    • rights.
  11. Explain how self-control and self-discipline relate to beliefs or non-beliefs.
  12. Self-discipline and self-control will allow AF
    • members to refrain from demonstrating intolerance for the beliefs or
    • non-beliefs of others
  13. Summarize how tolerance will not allow the mistreatment of members because of beliefs
    or non-beliefs.
    • Tolerance will not allow unlawful
    • discrimination, intimidation, or unfair treatment of any AF member because of
    • beliefs or non-beliefs
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