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  1. examples of hooks?
    question, quote, story, stunning fact
  2. claim
    statement of what the thing is about
  3. the ___ is the details that make up 2 paragraphs
  4. while blah is true blah is better
  5. call to action is at the end of a persuasive writing
  6. ethical apeal
    relying on credibility(doctor,authority)
  7. emotional appeal
    applies to emotions
  8. logical appeal
    facts and statistics
  9. archetype:the encounter with the dark side of the self; fear of death
    the underworld
  10. archetype:the stream of time and the flow of circumstance; purity regained, sin washed away, death
    the river
  11. archetype:innocence, reconciliation/peace, harmony/nature, childhood
    the garden
  12. archetype:sterility,infertility, loss of inspiration,hopelessness,lack of creativity
    the wasteland
  13. archetype:order, law, harmony, rigidity,civilizatiopn
    the city
  14. archetype:strong place of evil/isolation of the self
    the tower
  15. archetype:the place of decision,penace,self-denial
    the crossroads
  16. archetype:passion,lawlessness,the subconcious,chasos
    the wilderness
  17. archetype:betrays those who trust him most, destruction of friends
    the traitor
  18. archetype:an animal/human who dies publicly to resolve sin of an entire community;more powerful in death
  19. evil incarnate
    the devil figure
  20. archetype:has sensuous beauty; she brings the hero's downfall by attracting him; may appear as a witch or vampire
    the temptress/ black goddess
  21. archetype:good, beautiful maiden with religous or spiritual influence
    white goddess
  22. archetype:worthy opponent with whom the hero must struggle in a fight to end
    the shadow
  23. archetype:woman who is a source of inspiration to the hero; more intellect less romance with her
    the platonic ideal
  24. archetype:a vulnerable woman who needs to be rescued by hero
    damsel in distress
  25. archetype:loyal companions willing to face hardship and ordeal in order to stay together
  26. achetype
    image, character,story, symbol, ect. that reprents a unversal idea
  27. archetype was first used by
    carl jung
  28. two characters engaged in a love affair fated to end tragically for one or both due to the disapproval of society, friends, family or some tragic situation
    star-crossed lovers
  29. believed that a "collective concious" existed- a collection of inherited stories and images that exist in the subconcious of every human being
    Carl Jung
  30. archetypal themes
    love conquers all, star-crossed lovers, good vs evil, father-son relationship
  31. SMELL stragety
    • -Sender receiver relationship: what you can tell about the relationship
    • -message
    • -emotional strageties
    • -logical strageties
    • -language
  32. archetype:shrek
  33. archetype:fiona
    damsel in distress
  34. archetype:donkey
    friendly beast
  35. archetype:dragon
    the evil figure with ultimately good heart
  36. greek archetypes meaning:
    "beginning or original patter from which later things are made."
  37. characteristics of fairy tales
    for middle class, not historical, oral traditions, for adults
  38. TFA:Okonkwo
    stubborn, brave, tragic flaw:pride
  39. TFA: why Okonkwo didn't like Nwoye
    because he wasn't manly
  40. TFA:yams represent
    manliness, strength, discipline
  41. TFA:why Okonkwo killed himself
    couldn't accept the changes; the world he once knew was being replaced
  42. Objectivity
    based on facts
  43. Subjectivity
    biased?, opinions
  44. how to make something more reliable
    credibility, multiple sources, use opposite sides
  45. what was important to Antigone
    having an honorable death
  46. who was Antigone's fiance?
  47. tragic character in Antigone?
  48. why Antigone broke the law
    to honor the gods
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