California mammals - Descriptions 1

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  1. Shrew; darker colored ventral side of tail, 3 unicuspid teeth, red cusps
    Notiosorex crawfordi (Desert shrew)
  2. Shrew; reddish brown coloring
    Sorex sonomae (fog shrew)
  3. Shrew; hind feet with stiff fringe of whitish hairs
    Sorex palustris (water shrew)
  4. Shrew; lighter ventral portion of tail (bicoloration)
    Sorex vagrans (vagrant shrew)
  5. feet and coloring like a mole, much smaller, shrew-face
    Neutrotrichus gibbsii (American shrew-mole)
  6. mole; tail furred, 11 pairs of teeth in lower jaw
    Scapanus latimanus (Broad-footed mole)
  7. mole; tail not furred, 11 pairs of teeth in lower jaw
    Scapanus townsendii (Townsend's mole)
  8. chiroptera; upper incisors in contact, ears joined, ugly, projecting tail
    Eumops perotis (Western mastiff bat)
  9. chiroptera; chocolate brown, small, U-shaped gap between upper incisors, tail projects out
    Tadarida brasiliensis (Brazilian free-tailed bat)
  10. chiroptera; leaf nose, light brown, large ears, slight extension of tail; upper molars distinct W-pattern
    Macrotus californicus (California leaf-nosed bat)
  11. chiroptera; pale beige, long ears extend to side of head, 4 pairs of upper cheek teeth (none minute)
    Antrozous pallidus (Pallid bat)
  12. Chiroptera; 2 lumps on snout, long/joined ears, split palate, 2 pairs of upper incisors, 5 pairs of upper cheekteeth (5th nubby)
    Corynorhinus townsendii (Townsend's big-eared bat)
  13. chiroptera; split palate, 2 pairs uppers/4 pairs cheekteeth, brown bat larger than Myotis
    Eptescius fuscus (Big Brown Bat)
  14. chiroptera; spotted
    Euderma maculatum (Spotted bat)
  15. chiroptera; dark brown w/ silver-tipped hairs, 2 pairs upper/5 pairs upper, depression between lacrimal and nares
    Lasionycteris noctivagans (Silver-haired bat)
  16. chiroptera; reddish color fur
    Lasiurus blossevillii (Red bat)
  17. chiroptera; ashy gray color with frosted tips and yellow collar
    Lasiurus cinerus (Hoary bat)
  18. chiroptera; genus, 2 pairs uppers/6 pairs upper cheek teeth (1st pair tiny)
    Myotis sp.
  19. chiroptera; yellowish body, black face, very tiny, split palate, need microscrope for 5 pairs upper cheek teeth
    Parastrellus hesperus (Western pipistrelle)
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