California mammals - Descriptions 4

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  1. Rodent; genus, cheekteeth with two rows of cusps, angular but not jagged
  2. bushy-tailed rat-like rodent
    Neotoma cinerea (Bushy-tailed woodrat)
  3. darker brown than other Neotoma, tail not strongly bicolored
    Neotoma fuscipes (Dusky-footed woodrat)
  4. paler color than other Neotoma, tail distinctly bicolored, smaller
    Neotoma lepida (Desert woodrat)
  5. mouse; very short tail, coronoid process higher than condyloid process
    Onychomys leucogaster (Northern grasshopper mouse)
  6. mouse; darkish yellowish-brown, generic mouse look, upper incisors grooved
    Reithrodontomys megalotis (Western harvest mouse)
  7. mouse; genus only, coronoid process lower than condyloid process, incisors not grooved
    Peromyscus sp.
  8. mouse; attractive, markedly bicolored
    Peromyscus maniculatus (Deer mouse)
  9. mouse; worked with in field, no orangish spots
    Peromyscus boylii (Brush mouse)
  10. mouse; worked with in field, orangish spots on sides
    Peromyscus truei (Pinyon mouse)
  11. salt and pepper rat, blocky, pronounced supraoccipital ridge, large yellow incisors
    Sigmodon hispidus (Hispid cotton rat)
  12. mouse; uniform coloration, distinctive notch in upper incisors
    Mus musculus (House mouse)
  13. rat; genus, prominent temporal ridges that almost look folded
  14. rat; large, brown, tail equal to body
    Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)
  15. rat; tail longer than head and body, brown to black
    Rattus rattus (Black rat)
  16. Lagomorph; genus, supraorbital process broad
    Lepus sp.
  17. Lagomorph; genus, supraorbital process narrow
    Sylvilagus sp
  18. "short" ears, very furry feet
    Lepus americanus (snowshoe hare)
  19. long ears, pretty distinct
    Lepus californicus (black-tailed jackrabbit)
  20. large cottontail, sparsely furred legs and longer ears, black-tipped
    Sylvilagus audubonii (Audubon's cottontail)
  21. darker rabbit, small, non-black-tipped ears
    Sylvilagus bachmani (Brush rabbit)
  22. large cottontail; greyish bum, heavily furred shorter ears
    Sylvilagus nuttallii (Mountain cottontail)
  23. two incisors, few fenestrae in rostrum, no supraorbital process, short tail, ears, and limbs
    Ochotona princeps (Pika)
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