Ecology Chapter 1

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  1. Ecosystem
    All of the interacting parts of a biological community and its environment either abiotic or biotic. 

    E.G Rainforest, Lake, Arctic, Desert
  2. Sustainable Ecosystem
    An ecosystem that can survive and support  a variety of organisms and can keep supporting them for a long time. 

    E.g. A lake ecosystem that has an equal level of fish living and dying every year.
  3. Biotic
    • The living parts of
    • an ecosystem. 

    E.g. Animals, plants, insects, bacteria.
  4. Abiotic
    • The non-living parts
    • of an ecosystem.

    E.g. Soil, water, sunlight, temperature.
  5. Lithosphere
    The rocky, hard  part of the Earth's surface. Image Upload 1
  6. Hydrosphere
    • All of the water found on Earth, including lakes, oceans, and groundwater.
    • Image Upload 2
  7. Atmosphere
    A layer of gases above the surface of the Earth. Image Upload 3
  8. Biosphere
    The regions of Earth where living organisms exist.
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