Membrane Proteins

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  1. Type 1
    • 1 membrane spanning helix
    • C-terminus Inside cell
  2. Type 2
    • Single spanning helix
    • NH3 on inside of cell
  3. Type 3
    Multiple transmembrane helicies, 1 polypeptide chain
  4. Type 4
    • Several transmembrane domains
    • Different polypeptides
  5. Type 5
    Lipid linked polypeptide chain
  6. Type 6
    Transmembrane helix(ces) and a lipid linked section
  7. Flippase
    Moves a phospholipid from the outer leaflet to the cytosolic leaflet.
  8. Floppase
    Moves a phospholipid from the cytosolic leaflet to the outer leaflet.
  9. Scramblase
    Moves lipids in either direction toward equilibrium.
  10. Simple Diffusion
    • Non polar molecules only
    • move down concentration gradient
  11. Facilitated Diffusion
    Down Electrochemical Gradient through a channel
  12. Primary Active Transport
    Movement against electrochemical gradient through a channel using ATP.
  13. Secondary Active Transport
    Move against electrochemical gradient driven by ion moving down its gradient
  14. Ion channel
    • Movement down elecrochemical gradient.
    • May be gated by ligand or ion.
  15. GLUT 1
    • All tissues
    • Glucose Uptake
  16. GLUT 2
    • Liver=removal of excess glucose from blood
    • pancrease= regulation of insulin release
    • intestine
  17. GLUT3
    Glucose uptake in the brain
  18. Glut 4
    • Muscle,Fat,Heart
    • Activity increased by insulin
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