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  1. Artifact Piece by James Luna
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    • Luna challenged the viewer to reconsider what museums teach about cultures and what constitutes a cultural artifact. Museum artifacts may be simply the things that, by chance, happened to survive. In other cases, the white culture chooses to keep and view certain objects and ignore or destroy others. Thus, we learn less about Native American culture than we learn about the white culture's ideas about Native American cultures.
  2. Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange
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  3. Cut Piece by Yoko Ono
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    sacrifec for world piece, vunablitty, step over boundaries
  4. Falling water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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    • house built over water fall
  5. Terminology for Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking
    • Drawing:of an art expression that has been revolutionized by advances in material technology, and with the advance of new materials, old materials have fallen into relative obscurity. The basic premise of drawing is that line and tone are created through the use of drawing implement on a surface. 
    • -linoleum printing-similar to woodblock but the plate material is very different( no grain and is relatively soft)
    • support-surface
    • tooth- roughness of paper

    • Painting:variety of substances mixed with powdered pigments. 
    • pigments- powder form(minerlas)
    • binder- mixed with powder
    • diluent- more fluid

    • Printmaking:is a mediated form of expression involving the transfer of an image from a printed surface to a ground 
    • plate- material,wood,metal, plastic
    • print-final image printed
    • proof-test print
    • edition- images from the same plate
  6. Know about the different types of paint and what they are made of(7)
    • oil paint- pigment + linseed oil+ turpentine+ pine tree
    • egg tempera- ground pigments + egg yolk+ water
    • acryic paint- pigment + acrylic emulision
    • watercolor- pigment + gum arabic
    • gouache-pigment +gum arabic +chinese chalk
    • fresco- lime water, calcium hydroxide & water
    • encaustic-pigment + beeswax
  7. Know the different drawing materials and what they are made of(10)
    • silverpoint: metalpoint uses silver wire to make drawing
    • Metal point: any metal to make a line (silver,gold,copper,lead)
    • pencil:lead
    • charcoal: burnt wood
    • chalk: from ground black,white,red
    • Compressed charcoal: soot from burned oil + binder
    •  -produces a much denser and more permanent material than charcoal
    • conte crayon: chalk, gum arabic, & acacia tree
    • chalk pastel: powdered pigments, wax, glue
    • oil pastels: fatty substances or wax
    • ink with brush and pen
  8. Know the different printmaking processes(5)
    • woodblock- surface of wood is preps
    • registration-alignment
    • wood engraving- engraving
    • screenprinting-press ink on screen
    • monotype- single unique image
  9. Know the different sculptural types(4)
    • additive:
    • -clay

    • subtractive:
    • -carving
    • wood & stone

    • casting:
    • broze + clay pus wax

    assemble found objects
  10. Know the architectural diagrams in the bookImage Upload
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