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    • what is the purpose of the Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2500 NMS application
    • is the foundation for managing networks comprised of Alcatel-Lucent and other network devices
  1. what does FCAPS stand for
    • fault
    • configuration
    • accouting
    • performance
    • security
  2. what does OmniVista solutions allow managers to do
    monitor network activity
  3. what two fields does the single-user version of OmniVista not include
    server location or port fields
  4. what is the initial default username and password for OmniVista NMS
    • adim
    • switch
  5. what guides the user through the process of discovering the physical Alcatel devices in the network
    discovery wizard
  6. what are the five reasons to edit a discovered device
    • to redefine the primary IP address
    • to specify the correct write community name
    • to specify the telnet or FTP user name and password
    • to redefine switch access
    • to redefine the SNMP version or SNMP parameters
  7. what is the purpose of configuring traps in Omnivista
    it is necessary to configure the switches in the network to send omnivista the traps that are needed by different applications
  8. what are the AOS traps needed for topology
    • coldstart
    • warmstart
    • linkup
    • linkdown
  9. what is the XOS device traps needed for policy view
    QoS policy event
  10. what security applications utilizes security groups, defined users, and passwords to control access to OmniVista
    user and groups
  11. what are the default users, groups, and passwords OmniVista is shipped with
    • user read only
    • writer read only
    • netadmin full admin right and security of users
    • admin full admin right and full security
  12. what eight things are contained on the license information screen
    • product ID
    • license version
    • license type
    • max device count
    • expiration date
  13. OmniVista begins with what page after logging in
    discovery page
  14. what is the telnet/FTP username utilized
  15. in the network section, under topology what button will show the health information of a switch
    • click health in left pane
    • then highlight the devices recently added and click ok
  16. what is right-clicked to bring up the popup window with the option to configure traps
    the recently added switch
  17. if a switch is red/orange what does it indicate
    there are notifications to be acknowledged
  18. when all notifications have been acknowledged what color will the switch turn
  19. when viewing the physical topology and the chosen subnet is selected what is shown in the right pane
    will show the physical layouts of the discovered devices
  20. under what section is the telnet option available
    configuration section
  21. what is the command to save the running -configuration to the working directory
    copy running-config working
  22. what is the command to save the working configuration to the certified directory
    copy working certified
  23. what is the command to reboot/restart the switch
  24. where does the Alcatel switch store boot and image files
    working and cerified directories
  25. which directory is intended for software that is still being configured for the network
    working directory
  26. which directory is intended for reliable, tested configuration and image files
    certified directory
  27. what are the four specific files types that provide key switch and network functions
    • boot.params
    • boot.cfg
    • boot.slot.cfg
    • .img files
  28. which communications port is used to establish a hyperterminal connection
    serial ports
  29. what port configuration settings should be used to establish a hyperterminal connection
    • bits per second= 9600
    • data bits= 8
    • parity= none
    • stop bits= 1
    • flow control=none
  30. which command displays basic configuration and status information for the switch chasis
    show chasis
  31. which command displays basic information about the switch
    show system
  32. which command displays basic hardware and status information for a stand alone switch
    show cmm
  33. which command displays the version of software currently installed on the switch
    show microcode
  34. which command displays the current running directory
    show running-dircectory
  35. which command displays the authentication configuration for the console, telnet, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, and SSH
    show aaa suthentication
  36. which command displays currently configured user accounts on the switch
    show user
  37. which command creates an enable VLAN
    vlan num enable name "string"
  38. which command disables spanning tree protocol for a VLAN
    vlan num stp disable
  39. which command creates an IP rule for a VLAN
    vlan num ip ip_address subnet_mask
  40. which command displays currently configured VLANs on the switch
    show vlan
  41. which command displays VLAN port assignment for all ports on the switch
    show vlan port
  42. which command loads OSPF software on the ALcatel switch
    ip load ospf
  43. which command enables OSPF on the switch
    ip ospf status enable
  44. which command displays the running configuration of the switch
    show configuration snapshot
  45. which command saves the running configuration to the boot.cfg in /flash/working
    copy running-config working
  46. what does XOS stand for
    xylan operating systems XOS
  47. what does AOS stand for
    alcatel operating systems AOS
  48. which command saves the working configuration to the boot.cfg in /flash/cerified
    copy working certified
  49. what command provides IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask information for the switch
  50. what command stores network configuration parameters
  51. what command contains the slot assignment for each switch installed in a stacked configuration
  52. what command contains executable code that provides support for the system, ethernet port, and network functions
    Image files
  53. ALcatel switches use flash memory to store files, including boot and image files. the /flash directory contains two subdirectories what are they
    • /flash/working
    • /flash/certified
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