Chapter 3

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  1. Measure of center
    the value at the center or middle data set
  2. E
    sum of a set of values
  3. x
    the variable for individual data values
  4. n
    number of data values in a sample
  5. N
    represents the number of data values in a population
  6. bimodal
    two modes
  7. multimodal
    more than two modes
  8. midrange
    • maximum value + minimum value
    • ____________________________
    •                       2
  9. decimal point rule for measures of center
    carry one more decimal place than is present in the original set of values
  10. Measures of center
    • mean 
    • median
    • mode
    • midrange
  11. variance is
    s2 standard diviation squared
  12. Range rule of thumb
    Minimum "usual" value = (mean) - 2 x (standard deviation)

    Maximum "usual" value = (mean) + 2 x (standard deviation)
  13. Range rule of thumb for estimating a value of the standard deviation s To roughly estimate the standard deviation from a collection of known sample data use
    To roughly estimate the standard deviation from a collection of known sample data use 

    • s = range
    •      -------
    •         4
  14. Empirical rule
    • For bell shaped distributions
    • 68-95-99.7
  15. Chebyshev's Theorem
  16. CV
    • cv= s    X 100%
    •      ---
    •      __
    •       X
  17. z score is rounded to
    2 decimal places
  18. z score
    z= x- mean devided by s
  19. percintile of value x
    percentile of value x= number of values less than x devided by total number of values multiplied by 100
  20. Converting from the kth percentile to the corresponding data value
    Locator = K (percentile being used) devided by 100 multiplied by n (total number of values in the data set)

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