chapter 25 Exam 4

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  1. list the Enveloped Segmented Single-Stranded Viruses3 distinct flu types A,B,C
    • Orthomyxoviruses: 3 distinct flu types A,B,C; Type A causes most infectionds
    • Bunyaviruses
    • Arenaviruses
  2. Name Influenza Glycoproteins
    • Hemagglutin (H) - 15 subtypes, BINDS TO HOST CELLS
  3. what is key to influemza
    glycoprotein spikes
  4. Both glycoproteins frequently .....
    undergo genetic changes decreasing the effectiveness of the host immune response
  5. antigenic drift
    gradually change their amino acid composition
  6. antigenic shift
    one of the genes or RNA strands is substituted with a gene or strand from another influenza virus from a different animal host

  7. which influenza strain only undergoes antigenic drift?
    (gradually change their amino acid composition)
    Influenza B
  8. Important fact about Influenza C
    Known to cause only minor respiratory disease; probably not involved in epidemics
  9. important facts about Influenza A
    • Acute, highly contagious respiratory illness
    • Binds to ciliated respiratory mucosa
    • causes a rapid shedding of cells, stripping the respiratory epithelium; severe inflammation
  10. Important facts about Bunyaviruses and Arenaviruses
    • transmitted zoology
    • Bunyaviruses - carried by deer and harvest mice; transmitted via airborne dried animal waste
    • Arenaviruses - closely associated with rodent host; transmission thrugh aerosols and contact
  11. Enveloped Nonsegments ssRNA Viruses
    • Paramyxoviruses
    • Rhabdoviruses
    • Filoviruses
    • Togaviruses
    • Flaviviruses
    • Corcnaviruses
  12. Paramyxoviruses
    • Enveloped Nonsegmengted ssRNA Virus
    • Mumps, Measles, RSV
    • Envelope has glycoprotein and F spikes that initiate cell-to-cell fusion
  13. Parainfluenza
    • widespread as influenza but more benign.
    • no treatment

    Paramyxoviruses Group
  14. Mumps
    • Humans are the only reservoir
    • Symptomatic treatment
    • Live vaccine MMR

    Paramyxoviruses Group
  15. Measles
    • Humans are the only reservoir
    • AKA Red Measles and Rubeola
    • Can Cause Koplik Spots (oral lesions)
    • Vaccine MMR

    Paramyxoviruses Group
  16. RSV
    • Respiratory syncytia virus
    • AKA pneumovirus
    • infects upper resp tract and produces giant multinucleate cells
    • Most Common cause of resp infection in Children 6 months or younger
  17. Rabies
    • Enveloped, bullet-shaped virions
    • zoonotic disease
    • Primary reservoir wild mammals, spread by bites, scratches and droplet inhalation

    control by vacc domestic animals, elimination of strays, and strict quarantine practices
  18. Coronaviruses
    • Large RNA viruses with distinctively spaced spikes on their envelopes
    • Common in domestic animals
    • 3 types of human coronaviruses have been characterized by (causes a cold) (an enteric virus) (SARS severe acute resp syndrome - new disease, airborne transmission)
  19. Rubella
    • caused by Rubivirus
    • ssRNA with a loose envelope
    • AKA German Measles
    • transmitted through contact with resp secretions
    • Vacc MMR
  20. HCV
    Hepatitis C Virus
    • Flavivirus
    • acquired through blood contact
    • Treatment but No Cure
    • No Vacc
  21. Arboviruses
    Viruses spread by Anthropod Vector
  22. Viral encephalitis
    • Arbovirus infection
    • brain, meninges and spina cord are involved, survivors may have permanent brain damage
  23. Arboviruses in the US
    • Colorado Tick Fever - most common tick-borne viral fever in US; rocky Mt states
    • Western equine encephalitis - western US and Canada, extremely dangerous to infabts andsall children
    • Calfornia encephalitis - 2 diff strains: alifornia strain has little human impact and Larosse strainUs and Canada prevalant cause of viral encephalitis
    • St Louis encephalitis - most common in all America
    • West Nile encephalitis
  24. What are the 3 hemorrhagic Fevers
    • Yellow Fever
    • Dengue Fever
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