mechanical ventilation

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  1. alveolar air equation
    PAO2= FIO2 *(PB-47)-(PACO2/.8)
  2. what are the factors of abg and what do they tell us?
    • ph - acid base status
    • paco2-ventilation 
    • pao2 -hypoxemia?
    • sao2 - how well sat hem is with o2 
  3. what is the indication for mechanical ventilation
    • acute ventilatory failure
    • (ph of <ph7.3, PaCo2 > 50)
    • Impending ventilatory failure 

    severe hypoxemia
  4. what are the contraindication for mechanical ventilation?
    untreated tension pneumothorax
  5. goals of mechanical ventilation
    • maintain physiologic ventilation 
    • improve efficiency of external respiration
    • decrease WOB & myocardial work
  6. what is normal physiological ventilaton
    spontaneous  breathing
  7. what is negative pressure ventilation
    trans- airway pressure created by decreasing the alveoliar pressure to below airway opening pressure
  8. what is positive pressure ventilation
    overcome resistance and compliance in order to decrease WOB
  9. theory of operation?
    • power source: electrical and pneomatic (gas)
    •   combo vents mostly used in icu

    positive or negative ventilator 

    control systems or circuits: refer to user interface ( internal function of machine)
  10. how does a pneumatic power ventilator how does it work ?
    provides energy to deliver a breath
  11. how does electrical source
    provides pressure!!
  12. decribe phase variable triggering
    trigger a breath

    we will see a sensitive knob on the
  13. mechanism of triggering
    • pt triggered pressure sense a drop in pressure 
    • sensitivity is usually set to 2cm h20

    flow sense a a drop in flow.. then it will deliver a breath 

    time: we set frequency this time automatically
  14. what mechanism would you use on a patient that has no inspiratory?
    time cycling
  15. describe phase variable cycling
    what ends inspiration
  16. mechanism of cycling?
  17. describe the phase variable limit
    the maximum value a variable can attain (alarm)

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