USMLE11 step3

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  1. OR accompanies what kind of study design
    case control
  2. CASE control vs cohort
    case control you know the outcome and want to find out the risk factor

    cohort you study the effect of the risk factor on the outcome
  3. when is muga scan used
    to evaluate ef in pt receiving anthacyclines like doxorubicin
  4. most important when forming a relationshiop with a psychotic pt
    value for privacy and interpersonal distance
  5. most common cause of bronchiolitis in winter with apneic spells in 1 yo
  6. rx for patellar tear
  7. htn in an opiod withdrawal, next step
  8. viral sinusitis vs bacterial duration
    • viral <10 days
    • bacterial>10 days
    • give empiric abx
  9. 1st line for sinusitis
    amoxacillin and clavulanic acid
  10. rx for a woman with presistent uti 3/year
    antibiotic prophyalxis
  11. when do you do t3 levels
  12. 2 umbilicated lesions in hiv pts
    • molluscum contagioiusum
    • cryptococcus
  13. hyperthyroid state after coronary angiograpy
    iodine induced thyrotoxicosis
  14. 1, 2, 3 standard deviations are how many %
    • 1-66
    • 2-95
    • 3- 99
  15. primordial vs primary prevention
    • primordial--preventing risk factors from developing
    • primary---preventing the disease from occuring
  16. antimitochondrial antibodies vs smooth muscle antibodies
    • smooth muscle---hepatitis
    • anti-mitochondrial--primary biliary cirhosis
  17. most accurate ttest for pimary sclerosisng cholangitits vs primary biliary cirhosisi
    • psc--ercp showing beading
    • pbc--antimitochondrial antibodies and biopsy
  18. risk of acquireding lyme diseae after bitten by tick
    • 1.5%
    • need 24 hours to trasmitt borrelia
  19. what herb causes arrhythima
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