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  1. River that forms boundary between Texas and Mexico
    Rio Grande
  2. Volcanic subduction; longest mountain range in the world; runs along west coast of South America
    Andes Mountains
  3. Flows east; largest river across in the world; south america (brazil 60%, peru 13%, columbia 10% plus other small parts of countries)
    Amazon River
  4. Plateau covers all of southern portion of mainland Argentina
  5. Longest river in England
    Thames River
  6. Peninsula that covers Norway, Sweden, and most of Northern Finland
    Scandanavian Peninsula
  7. River that begins at Swiss Alps and flows North
    Rhine River
  8. Mountains that form a natural border between France and Spain; extend from Bay of Biscay to Mediterranean Sea
    Pyrenees Mountains
  9. Mountains that run north to south in western Russia
    Ural Mountains
  10. Narrow strait connects Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea
    Strait of Gibralter
  11. 2nd largest river in Europe (Germany to mouth at Black Sea)
    Danube River
  12. Highest mountain in the Alps (France - Switzerland)
    Mt. Blanc
  13. One of the great mountain range systems in Europe (10 countries: France, Austria, Slovenia, Liectenstein, Italy, Germany, Switzerland) - altitude and size affect climate in Europe
  14. Sea in southeast Europe - connect Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean and Aegean via various straits
    Black Sea
  15. Sea connected to Atlantic via Strait of Gibbralter (14 km wide) - almost completely enclosed by land
    Mediterranean Sea
  16. Largest sand desert in the world - located in southeast Saudi Arabia
    Rub Al Khali Desert
  17. Artificial waterway in Egypt - connects Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea
    Suez Canal
  18. River that flows south from Taurus Mountains in southeast Turkey through Iraq
    Tigris River
  19. Longest river in western Asia originating in Western Turkey - flows through Syria and Iraq to join Tigris and empty into Persian Gulf
    Euphrates River
  20. Strait between Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf (oil travels)
    Strait of Hormuz
  21. River starts at Mt. Herman; source is Dead Sea
    Jordan River
  22. This sea is a terminal lake; lowest elevation of earth on land; near Jordan and Israel
    Dead Sea
  23. Mt in North Iran; highest peak in Iran; potentially active volcano
    Mt. Davamand
  24. Longest river in the world; flows through Egypt
    Nile River
  25. Mt in East Turkey; volcanic
    Mt. Ararat
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