Population Health 4

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  1. How do we measure an individuals health?
    • The absence of physical pain/disability.
    • A condition that is likely to cause death.
    • Emotional well-being.
    • Satisfactory social and community function.
    • Quality of physical environment.
  2. How do we measure a populations health?
    • Morbidity and mortality rates.
    • Life expectancy.
    • Prevalence of dis-ease and death.
    • Availability of health services.
    • Poverty, unemployment, education, housing.
    • Equity.
    • Comparison between populations.
  3. Cohort Study
    The study of a group.
  4. What are the 5 A's of access to health care?
    • Acceptability.
    • Accessibility.
    • Accomodation.
    • Affordability.
    • Availability.
  5. What is primary health care?
    The first point of contact with the health system. E.g. Your GP.
  6. Describe 'Whare Tapa Wha' (WTW)
    • A Maori model of health.
    • Holistic approach to health.
    • Focusses on balancing physicality, culture and spirituality.
    • Four aspects: Taha Hinengaro (Mental); Taha Tinana (Physical); Taha Wairua (Spiritual); Taha Whanau (Social).
  7. Descrice 'Fonofale'
    • A Pacific Island model of health.
    • Holistic approach to health.
    • Metaphorical in its approach: family - foundation; culture - shelter; aspects - pillars.
    • Spiritual health, mental health, physical health, other factors, all which are encompassed by your environment and time.
  8. What are the five questions of population health?
    • 1. What is health?
    • 2. How healthy are we?
    • 3. Are some groups more healthy than others?
    • 4. Why?
    • 5. What should we do about it?
  9. Explain affirmative action
  10. Explain the WHO commission on SDOH
  11. Explain the Ottawa Charter
  12. What is the difference between levelling and privileging?
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