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  1. 6 Rights of medication administration
    • Right Client
    • Right Time
    • Right Med
    • Right Dose
    • Right Route
    • Right Documentation
  2. 6 components of Physician order
    • Clients full name
    • Date of order
    • name of med
    • Dose and administration info
    • Route
    • Dr.'s Signature
  3. cc
    cubic centimeter
  4. 1 g =
    1000 mg
  5. 2 tbsp =
    • 30 cc; or
    • 1 oz
  6. ac
    before meals
  7. pc
    after meals
  8. bid
    twice a day
  9. tid
    three times a day
  10. qid
    four times a day
  11. HS
    hours of sleep
  12. po
    by mouth
  13. q
  14. qd
    every day
  15. qh
    every hours
  16. q6h
    every 6 hours
  17. qod
    every other day
  18. DC
  19. OU
    both eyes
  20. OS
    left eye
  21. OD
    right eye
  22. prn
    as needed
  23. tab
  24. cap
  25. SL
  26. EC
    Enteric coated
  27. mEq
  28. otic
  29. oint or ung
  30. supp
  31. sol
  32. _
  33. _
  34. x
  35. gtts
  36. ophtht
  37. (R)
  38. (L)
  39. i, ii, iii
    1, 2, 3
  40. Controlled substance
    Medis that have the potential to be addictive and used in a way other then how the med was prescribed; a system must be in place to accout for receipt, admin and disposal of each med
  41. Document
    • To record or write; Doc of th the admin of meds is required on the MAR
    • (med admin record)
  42. Label
    Info on the med package; referred to aslso as med label or scrip label
  43. MAR
    • a record that lists all the meds ordered for the resident, including routine or regularly scheduled meds and PRN meds;
    • it is also to doc or record the admin of meds
  44. Med/Drug
    another word for drug; a substance or mixture of substances used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of disease
  45. OTC Med
    over the counter; can be purchased w/out scrip; you still need Dr. order to admin them
  46. Prescription Med
    Meds that can only be obtained or purchased through an order or scrip written by a Dr. or prescribing practioner
  47. PRN definition
    • PRN meds are not scheduled to be admin'd at specific times or routinely. 
    • Residents should be able to ask for, if they can't an assessment of the client must be made.
    • Admin of PRN meds needs to be documented in MAR
  48. Prescribing practitioner
    • Licensed health care professional who is authorized to prescribe or order meds; 
    • Usually a Dr. or PA, Nurse practitioner, Dentist
  49. Report
    To make known, to give info about something
  50. Side effects
    any effect  other then the desired effect; unwanted effects or adverse reaction from med
  51. transcribe
    to transfer written info from one place to another; info on the physicians order must be transcribed to the MAR
  52. Monitoring
    • Does not require QMAP
    • Deliever
    • Observe
    • Remind
    • Document with the note monitored
  53. 4 routes
    • injestion
    • application
    • inhalation
    • insertion
  54. ingestion
    • oral tabs, 
    • lozenges 
    • sublingual
  55. application
    • ointments, drops, creams
    • sprays
    • gargles
    • patches
  56. insertion
    • rectal
    • vaginal
  57. QMAP no nos
    • no - admin meds through gastrstomy tube or IV, or insulin pens
    • no - draw or inject insulin or dial up insulin pen
    • no - finder sticks
    • must have documented training by licensed professional at your facility
  58. Difference between solution and suspenstion
    • solution = clear, like cough syrup
    • suspension = settles, like pepto
  59. solid
    • tablets - only cut with dr orders
    • enteric coat - never cut, irritates stomach
  60. spansule
    time released
  61. local drug action
    specific area - like creams drops
  62. systemic drug actions
    whole body - like tylonal, antibiotic
  63. labeling of prescription drugs
    • Dr. ordered 
    • pharmacy info
    • directions of use
    • date filled
    • prescription number
    • Dr. name
  64. gerenic
    universal name - aspirin
  65. trade name
    beyer aspirin
  66. Diversion of drugs
    Reportable occurrence to appropriate regulatory agency
  67. Enteric coat
    • does not dissolve in stomach, 
    • in intestine
  68. phone order
    QMAP cannot take
  69. Rules of documenting meds
    • MAR is legal doc and must be accurate
    • doc after giving
    • doc each time
    • only doc what you admin or monitor
    • intial meds given or monitored in the right box
    • use black ink
    • never use white out
    • not documented, not administered/monitored
  70. New MAR
    • Copy from Dr. orders 
    • Never copy from old MAR sheet
  71. MAR error
    draw line through, initial and explain on back
  72. refused med
    circle box and explain
  73. wrong med to wrong client
    • initial and circle
    • explain and contact appropriate person
  74. MRB
    • Med reminder box
    • Can be filled up to 14 days in advance
  75. cross check MRB label
    • with
    • Dr. order
    • MAR
    • Pharmacist prepared med bottle
  76. Hand washing
    Single most important measure to prevent contamination as well as the spread of infection
  77. application of ear drops
    • if in bed, have bed flat and turn head to opposite direction
    • if sitting up, tilt head sideways until ear is horizontal as possible
    • Do not insert
  78. Nose drop
    sniff on count of 3
  79. rectal & vaginal
    • suppository;
    • lie client on left side if possible, colon on left side and will go into GI tract easier
  80. XL
    • not= extra long or large
    • = long acting med
  81. med error
    • immediately document, and notify supervisor & Dr. 
    • know protocol for med error
    • must be reported to regulating agency
    • error on MAR = 
    • circle, intial, document on back, 
    • route, name of med, time, amount
  82. controlled substances
    • must be double looked
    • counted and signed for using second person to verify
  83. Meds that have to expiration date
    then default to one year after med was filled or purchased
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