UTI and Anti-fungal Meds

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  1. Drugs used to treat UTI
    Sulfinamides- bactruim

    Antiseptic agents- decrease bacterial growth

    Urinary Analgesic- helps to reduce

    Other agents- Peni, cephral, aminoglycides, fluroquinolones,
  2. Sulfonamides
    • most common agent is bactrium
    • combo drug- Sulfamethoxazole and trimenthoprim)

    Broad spectrum

    MOA- block folic acid and then u can't make RNA and DNA unable to replicate

    two drugs block the formation of folic acid in two different places

    most common SE hypersensitivity- rash pt turns bright pink, photsensitivity, anemia, crystaluria- crystal in urine- forms when urine is more acidic u want this to more alkaline (push fluids) also NA bicard tabs , nephrotox.

    • NI: bun.creatin- sunscreen, admins 1 hr before or 2 hrs after admin to decrease GI upset
    • dont give with antacid
  3. Urinary Antiseptic Agents
    Ex- Macrodantin 

    CI local effect in the urine

    MOA- block the enzyme needed for Carborhydrates so the cell doesn;t have any energy and it dies. blocks energy source
  4. Urinary Antiseptic Macrodantin spectrum, SE NI
    Broad spectrum- acute or reoccurence UTI

    SE: GI-, peripheral neuropathy, superinfection, hypersensitivity 

    • NI: admin with food decrease upset
    • change urine to brown
    • suprainfection
  5. Urinary Analgesics
    Ex: Pyridium

    CI: local in urinary tract

    MOA- unknown

    it is well tolerated

    Urine bright orange-to red colors

    used to reduce pain no antimoribial
  6. Antifungal agent
    alter cell permeability, allows cell contents to fall out
  7. Nystatin (easy)
    • local effect
    • topical- on the skin

    • in the mouth- swish and spit
    • in throat- swish and swallow (in esophagus)

    works best on contact. the longer u keep it in the mouth it works

    SE: few

    NI swish
  8. Fluconazole (if Nystatin doesn't work)
    Esophaheal/oropharnyngeal infections

    mouth and throat - not being cleared with Nystatin

    Specturm wide- can be used for systemic infection

    SE- GI, increase liver enzyme, and renal function 

    NI: take with food and monitor renal and liver function
  9. Amphotericin B (if Fluconazole doesn't work)
    antifugal agents

    • drug of choice for severe systemic fungal infections (life threatening) 
    • SE: nephrotoxic, renal function watch, 
    • IV low slowly pump- monitor for 15 mins- pt present with a fever, chills, headache

    • pretreat them to decrease the sign of allergy ie benadryl 
    • assess CBC
    • BUN/creatinine
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