Augustus 44-32BCE

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  1. Who was Mark Anthony trying to expell from his province at the battle of Mutina
    Decimus Brutus
  2. Where did Mark Anthony flee after his failure at Mutina
    Over the alps
  3. Who were the 2 consuls at the time of the battle of Mutina
    Hirtius and Pansa
  4. What was Augustus' excuse for deserting the optimates
    • Because they called him "boy"
    • But in reality he realised that if Antony was defeated, the party who supported his father's assassination would gain control of the state
  5. Who did Augustus and Mark Anthony fight at the battle of Philippi
    Brutus and Cassius
  6. Who started the revolt that preceeded the battle of Perusia
    Mark Anthony's wife and brother; Lucius Antonius and Fulvia
  7. Who was Augustus fighting in Sicily
    Sextus Pompeius
  8. How many men of senatorial rank and patricians did Augustus execute after Perusia
  9. Who did Augustus fight at the battle of Actium
    Mark Anthony and Cleopatra
  10. How many of Antony's ships escaped at the battle of Actium
  11. What happened to Cleopatra and Mark Anthony
    They both committed suicide
  12. Date of the battle of Mutina
    21st April 43BCE
  13. Date of the battle of Philippi
    23rd October 42BCE
  14. Date of the battle of Perusia
  15. Date of the conflict in sicily
    43-36 BCE
  16. Date of the battle of Actium
    2nd September 31BCE
  17. Who formed the second triumvirate
    Mark Anthony, Augustus and Lepudis
  18. Date of the formation and the end of the second triumvirate
    Formed in 43 BCE and ended in 33BCE
  19. Where was Octavian at the time of Caesar's death
    • Macedonia where he was completing his education and receiving military training
    • His absence from Italy meant he was uncertain as to the terms of Caesar's will
  20. List the outcome of the battle of Philippi
    • Most of the Republican party leaders were dead
    • Caesar is avenged
    • The empire is divided by the second triumvirate
  21. Who was Ceasarion and what happened to him
    He was the son of Ceasar and Cleopatra and Augustus had him killed
  22. What were the results of the proscriptions
    300 senators and 2,000 equites were killed along with cicero
  23. What was the purpose of the second triumvirate
    To raise money and kill of enemies
  24. Where was Lepudis exiled to
    Circeii (in Asia minor)
  25. In what ways is Suetonius an unreliable source
    • He was a secondary source
    • He was privy to gossip
    • He doesn't follow a chronological order
  26. What else did the triumvirate do in 43 (2 things)
    • They officially deified Julius Caesar
    • Lepudis was appointed consul for 42
  27. Official latin title of the 2nd triumvirate
    Triumviri Republicae Constitendua
  28. Why did mark Anthony besiege Mutina
    Because he was looking for a power base and cisalpine gaul was of strategic importance
  29. How long did the Mutina campaign last
    Octavian bought the campaign to a close in 3 months
  30. What did Octavian demand after Mutina
    The consulship, this would give him a strong position but he was only 20, not 42 and so the senate refused
  31. How did Octavian gain the consulship in 43
    • He sent a delegation of 400 centurions to rome but this was refused
    • So Octavian marched on Rome, seized the treasury to pay his troops and keep them loyal and organised a consular election
    • He was elected consul to start in 42BCE with his cousin, Quintus
  32. Octavians first actions as consul in 42 (3 things)
    • Revoked the decree outlawing Mark Antony
    • Officially legalised Octavians adoption
    • Set up a court to try caesars assassins who were condemned in their absence
  33. How did Octavian attempt to secure his power in 44
    • Changed his name to Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus- taking on his father's name showed commitment and bravery
    • Paid the 75 denarii as set out in caesars will to the plebs using money he borrowed and sold his property
    • He followed this up with games he paid for himself
    • This shows his already strong ability to promote himself and show off his power
  34. What is the main result of Philippi
    The empire was divided between the triumvirates
  35. What does the story of augustus in suetonius show after phillpi
    The story of the son and the father shows his dark side
  36. How was the empire divided between the 2nd triumvirate
    • Anthony got most of gaul and proceeded east
    • Octavian for Spain, sardinia and Africa and returned to Italy to settle veterans and to deal with sextus pompeius who had seized sicily
    • Lepudis was later given Africa but it was suspected that he was in league with Sextus Pompeius
  37. What is the importance of the battle of sicily
    It shows that Augutsus was firmly against the old republican elite
  38. The conference at Tarentum
    • 37
    • Octavian wanted ships from Antony and Antony wanted soldiers
    • Octavian did not fulfill his part
  39. What year did Octavian marry Livia
  40. Results of the battle of Actium (5 things)
    • Octavian was hailed as imperator for the 6th time
    • The vast treasure of the ptolemies becomes Octavians
    • Egypt was annexed and became Augustus own personal domain
    • Octavian treated most of Antony's roman supporters leniently
    • Ceasarion killed
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