Ukraine, New Yorker

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  1. fatigues
    simple loose clothes worn by soldiers EX: they were in mismatched battle fatigues
  2. in tow
    if you have someone in tow, they are following  you because you are taking them somewhere
  3. holster
  4. bunk
  5. to demarcate (form)
    to decide the limits of something, especially the borders of an area
  6. garrulous
    talking a lot esp about unimportant things (talkative) N – garrulousness, garrulity
  7. materi'el
    the materials and equipment of an organization, esp of a military force
  8. to emerge
    to start to exist; to appear or become known; to come out of a dark hidden place   EX: we’re seeing a different Russia emerging
  9. “The White Guard” by Bulgakov
    «Белая гвардия»
  10. impassioned
    expressing a lot of emotion (speech, defence, plea for help)
  11. to be in/out of tune with
    to be/not be in agreement with sb/sth;  have/not have the same opinion, feelings, interests etc as sb/sth  EX: He was in tune with current political issues.  The peaceful setting was in tune with his mood.
  12. to berate someone for (doing) sth
    to talk to someone in an angry way because they have done something wrong (бранить, поносить, разносить)
  13. wayward
    wanting to have one's own way regardless of the wishes or good of others; capricious, unpredictable,  difficult to control (своенравный, капризный, непокорный, своевольный)
  14. fervent
    fervent hope/belief
    • very enthusiastic and sincere, especially about something you believe in or support    EX:  I have always been one of his most fervent admirers.
    • EX:  I would like to express my fervent hope for your success.
  15. to topple
    to make someone in authority lose their power  EX: A civil war might topple the government.
  16. inviolable
    too important or respected to be attacked, criticized, or ignored (inviolability – неприкосновенность, нерушимость,  незыблемость)
  17. to encroach on/ upon
    • to gradually take something such as power or authority from someone else   EX: The  federal government is encroaching on a state issue.
    • to gradually reduce the amount of time that someone has available to do what they want to do  EX:  I didn't want work to encroach any more on my spare time.
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