Tiberius' Provincial and Foreign Policy

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  1. Discuss the Rhine...
    • Germanicus did attempt to extend the frontier along the elbe
    • But Tiberius would not allow this expansion, wanting to leave the tribes there to "their own internal disturbances"
  2. What is strange about Tiberius' policies
    Tiberius' policy of non agression is strange when one considers that he was a proven military general with years of army experience
  3. Africa
    • Africa was the only seriously troublesome spot for Tiberius
    • Tacfarinus carried out Guerilla raids for 7 years (17AD to 23AD)
  4. Tiberius' general frontier policy
    Tiberius remained loyal to Augustus' policy of not extending the empire beyond its current frontiers except when necessary,
  5. How did Tiberius improve the military
    • He improved the discipline of those soldiers on the front line, thereby improving the frontiers themselves
    • He also realised the importance of maintaining an economy within the forces
  6. How did Tiberius strengthen the frontiers
    With "astute diplomacy without warfare'
  7. What happened in Judea
    • The governor of Judea for 10 years from 26-36AD
    • This 10 year governship enabled him to committ a series of blunders which culminated in a massacre of samaritans
    • Then the governor of Syria, Vitellius, took over the province and Pilatus was despatched to Rome to stand trial
  8. Who was the governor of Judea for 10 years from 26-36AD
    Pontius Pilatus
  9. Who was Vitellius and what did he do
    • He was the governor of syria who took over the province after Pontius Pilatus was despatched to Rome to stand trial
    • He did good work in Judea and conciliated jewish feelings
  10. What do Pilatus and Vitellius show
    • This highlights tiberius policy paying special attention to his choice of governors and allowing them to retain their places for extended periods of time in order to increase efficiency
    • But Pilatus and Vitellius' different achievements highlight both the danger and benefits of this policy
  11. What reasons does Tacitus give as to why there was a rebellion in Gaul
    • 'heavy debts drove Gallic communities into rebellion"
    • "endless taxation, crushing rates of interest and the brutality and arrogance of governors
    • Also Tiberius' repression of Druidism and Germanicus' death had demoralised the roman empire
  12. Who lead the Gallic Rebellion
    Two romanised Gallic nobles ; Florus and Sacrovir
  13. When was the Gallic Rebellion
  14. What is the main criticism of his provincial policy
    Leaving governors in place for extended periods of time as sometimes his poor choice of governor resulted badly, such as Pontius Pilatus
  15. How did the senate feel about Tiberius' provincial policy
    They were resentful of his control, especially when he refused to permit a change of pro consuls in Africa and Asia as this encroached on the Senate's power
  16. How was Tiberius' provincial policy good
    • Would not tolerate any abuse by governors in the provinces and was harsh if they did and made them stand trial for extortion
    • In general the provinces enjoyed increasing peace and prosperity under Tiberius' rule
  17. When was Germanicus sent to the east
  18. Generosity in the provinces
    • Earthquakes in 12 regions in Asia
    • Tacitus writes that Tiberius promised the areas 10 million sesterces and remitted taxation for 5 years
  19. What does Tacitus say of Germanicus' appointment in the east
    "the eastern troubles he said, could only be put right by the wisdom of Germanicus"
  20. What else did Tiberius accomplish in the provinces
    • Initiated road and bridge building
    • Discouraged worship of himself
    • Checked the plundering of the equestrian tax companies
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