The Preatorian Guard

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  1. What happened in AD15?
    Lucius strabo, formally the preatorian prefect under Augustus, became prefect of Egypt and his son Sejanus becomes preatorian prefect
  2. What year did Sejanus become preatorian prefect
    AD 15
  3. What happened in AD 23
    • Suetonius tells how a camp for the preatorian guards was built just outside rome
    • This was highly significant as it enhanced Sejanus' power base and his ability to intimidate
  4. When was the preatorian guard been formed
    27BCE under Augustus
  5. Macro (3 important things)
    • Prefect of the guard from AD 31-38 as he helped to overthrow Sejanus and so was awarded the top job
    • He cultivated Gaius
    • According to Tacitus macro killed Tiberius in AD37 and Dio agrees
  6. Who were the preatorian prefects in Claudius reign
    • There were 2
    • Rufrius Pollio
    • And Catonius Justus
  7. What was the position of Prefect
    It was the highest position a member of the equestrian order could recieve and by the end of the Julio Claudian period they wielded a lot of power and influence within Rome
  8. Traditionally what was the job of the preatorian guard
    • To safeguard the city and the imperial family
    • But they also often carried out unpleasant tasks for the ruling family
  9. What shows the close relationship between Claudius and the gaurd
    In AD 41 he had coins minted which depicted him shaking hands with the guard
  10. Why was Claudius always so greatful to the guard
    Because they had elevated him to power
  11. How did Claudius show his continuing debt to the guard
    He gave them generous donations throughout his reign
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