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  1. How does suetonius describe him before he was introduced to army life?
    As having "vicious and dissolute habbits" (52)
  2. How does tacitus describe him before he was introduced to army life
    Tacitus states that he enjoyed a life of "juvenile extravagance"
  3. What does suetonius say on Tiberius' feelings towards Drusus
    • Suetonius states that Tiberius had no paternal feelings for Drusus and that when he died Tiberius "appeared to be perfectly unconcerned and went back to his usual business" (52)
    • He even cut short the official period of mourning
  4. When was Drusus born
  5. When did Drusus die
  6. How did he die
    He was poisoned by the conspiracy of Sejanus and Livillia, his wife
  7. Drusus' political career
    • Consul in 15
    • Celebrated a triumph in AD 20
    • Shared a consulship with Tiberius in AD21
    • Given Tribunician power in AD 22
  8. Drusus' military career
    • In AD14 he suppressed a revolt in Pannonia
    • AD15 he was consul
    • And was governor of illyricum from AD17-20
  9. Who did he have a close relationship with
    • Germanicus
    • This increased his own popularity by association and he became the guardian of his sons after his death
  10. What were the results of Drusus' death
    • Minor succession crisis
    • Germanicus' sons were entrusted into the care of the senate
    • Tiberius turned more to rely on Sejanus, leaving rome permanently in AD26 having now become even more isolated because of public disapproval of him after Drusus' death
  11. What does Tacitus say of the relationship between Tiberius and Drusus
    Tacitus states that Drusus was a "moderating influence" on his father's harsh and isolated character
  12. How does suetonius contradict himself regarding Drusus and Tiberius' relationship
    Says that Tiberius had no paternal feelings but then later says that when he discovered that Drusus had been poisoned he "grew enraged and redoubled his cruelties"
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