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  1. 1. Acumen n.—keen insight

    2. Antipathy n.—hatred for, dislike of, aversion to

    3. Apathy n.—lack of feeling, absence of emotion

    4. Candor n.—frankness, outspokenness

    5. Banal adj.—trite, commonplace, uninspired

    6. Anomaly n.—deviation from usual, out of the ordinary

    7. Assiduous adj.—constant, persistent

    8. Adamant adj.—unyielding, absolutely firm

    9. Autonomous adj.—Independent from outside control, self-governing

    10. Caprice n.—whim, unmotivated decision
    1. Her _______ was useful to gather clues to catch the burglar.

    2. What food do you have an antipathy for?

    3. Would it be surprising if a mother showed apathy toward her children?

    4. Do most women want men with no candor.

    5. Is a banal speech hard to listen to?

    6. Was Simon Birch an anomaly?

    7. Would an assiduous reader make a good student?

    8. Should parents be adamant in their directives.

    9. How will the school be autonomous from its current program.

    10. His manager was never known to be caprice.
  2. 11. Castigate v.—severely criticize

    12. Chicanery n.—trickery, subterfuge, deception

    13. Depraved adj.—Incorrigibly evil

    14. Discursive adj.—rambling, digressive

    15. Dissonance n.—discord, unharmonious effects

    16. Dour adj.—sullen, sour, gloomy

    17. Ebullient adj.—full of enthusiasm, bubbling with energy

    18. Ecstatic adj.—over powered by delight

    19. Innervate v.—deprive of nervous energy, weaken

    20. Engender v.—cause produce
    11.  Should teachers castigate their students for wrong answers?

    12. Is some degree of chicanery among middle school students to be expected?

    13. Should depraved criminals be considered for early parole?

    14. Is it easy to follow a discursive speech?

    15. Can musicians use dissonance effectively?

    16. Do ecstatic people have a dour face?

    17. Is an ebullient person hard to keep down?

    18. Are ecstatic people ebullient?

    19. Can the humidity attribute to their innervation at the gym?

    • 20. Can heavy winds and humidity engender a tornado?
  3. 21. Ephemeral adj.—short lived, fleeting

    22. Esoteric adj.—secret, hidden

    23. Expiate v.—atone for, make amends for

    24. Fiasco n.—complete utter failure

    25. Flaccid adj.—flabby, weak

    26. Laconic adj.—brief, terse

    27. Latent adj.—unrevealed, unused

    28. Lethargic adj.—sluggish, drowsily lazy

    29. Lugubrious adj.—ridiculously sorrowful, mournful

    30. Moribund adj.—dying, ending
    21. Should decorous attire was ephemeral?

    22. Can wry humor be esoteric?

    23. Should you expiate after a wrongdoing.

    24. Was the painting of the Monalisa a fiasco?

    25. What can prevent flaccid bones after surgery?

    26. Is a laconic speech a good thing?

    27. An old saying says that the best ideas are at a cemetery.  Why?

    28. Why is it common to feel lethargic in 90+ degree weather?

    29. Do you believe Wanda from Good Times was lugubrious at times?

    30. Though PowerTalkers still continues, it is moribund.
  4. 31. Myopic adj.—nearsighted

    32. Obstreperous adj.—boisterous, unruly

    33. Parsimonious adj.—excessively frugal,
    penny pinching

    34. Perfidious adj.—traitorous, treacherous

    35. Perfunctory adj.—mechanical, indifferent

    36. Perspicuity n.—clearness, lucidity

    37. Polemic n.—controversy, argumentative debate

    38. Procrastinate v.—delay, postpone, put it

    39. Prototype n.—model, pattern

    40. Regressive adj.—going backward
    31. Does working on a computer uses your myopic vision?

    32. Do comediens like obstreperous audiences?

    33. Did Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous showcased parsimonious lifestyles?

    34. Having a perfidious friend is the best kind of friend to have.

    35. Men want women who perform this wifely duties in a perfunctory manner.

    36. The perspicuity of the nebulous sky alerted me of the rain.

    37. The polemic discussion was civil and well-mannered.

    38. To procrastinate is an admirable trait?

    39. Are parents tacit prototypes for their children?

    40. Showing your parents regressive behavior as adults is unnerving?
  5. 41. Sagacity n.—wisdom

    42. Sententious adj.—full of old sayings, maxims, or proverbs

    43. Tacit adj.—unexpressed but understood

    44. Tenuous adj.—thin, unsubstantial, flimsy

    45. Turgent adj.—swollen, bombastic

    46. Ubiquitous adj.—everywhere at the same time

    47. Unctuous adj.—oily, overly suave

    48. Vapid adj.—empty, dull

    49. Voluptuous adj.—sensual, pleasure loving and giving

    50. Wry adj.—twisted, indirect
    41. Did the wizard in the Wizard of Oz have sagacity?

    42. Was the wizard sententious?

    43. The tacit agreement was to wash any dishes overnight.

    44. His tenuous lie showed through with perspicuity.

    45. Would you describe Kwame Kilpatrick as turgent?

    46. Is God ubiquitous?

    47. Can unctuous men ever be trusted?

    48. Is the Black Hole vapid?

    49. Do men desire voluptuous women?

    50.  Can you describe Woody Allen's works as wry?
  6. 1. abject adj-cast down, spiritless

    2. aesthetic adj-sensitive to beauty

    3. alacrity n-cheerful briskness

    4. auspicious adj-lucky, pleasing, favorable

    5. blatant adj-obvious, obtrusive

    6. capitulate v-surrender on terms agreed
    upon, yield

    7. cogent adj-persuasive, brilliantly compelling

    8. conjecture n-opinion, supposition

    9. cursory adj-hurried, rapid, superficial

    10. decorous-proper, becoming, suitable

  7. 11. diffident adj-shy, timid

    12. disdain v-think unworthy, despise

    13. docile adj-obedient, manageable, unresisting

    14. equanimity n-composure, calm temper, eveness of mind

    15. facade n-front, false exterior

    16. facetious adj-inappropriately witty

    17. fastidious adj-particular, meticulous, hard to please

    18. factuous adj-silly, complacently foolish

    19. flaunt-display, show off, boast of

    20. fertive-sly, stealthy, shifty
  8. 21. glib adj-thoughtlessly talkative, suspiciously fluent.

    22. gregarious adj-a good mixer, enjoy meeting people

    23. harangue n-noisy, pompous speech

    24. idiosyncrasy n-oddness, eccentricity

    25. illicit adj-unlawful, fertive

    26. importune v-insistently begged, persistently urged

    27. incredulous adj-skeptical, disbelieving

    28. inexorable adj-inflexible, unyielding

    29. invective n-abuse, angry reproach

    30. loquacious adj-talkative, garrulous
  9. 31. ludicrous adj-laughable, ridiculous

    32. martinette n-strict disciplinarian

    33. maudlin adj-weakly setimental

    34. nebulous adj-vague, hazy

    35. obsiquious adj-overly attentive, fawning

    36. ostracize v-banned from social and political favor

    37. panacea n-cure all

    38. pander v-catered to his weakness

    39. placate v-appease, pacify

    40. prodigious adj-huge, monstrous, mighty
  10. 41. prolific adj-inventive, fertile, productive

    42. propensity n-leaning, bent, natural inclination

    43. prudent adj-wisely cautious

    44. redundent adj-overly wordy, needlessly repetitive

    45. surreptitious adj-unauthorized, sly, clandestine

    46. taciturn adj-reserved, habitually silent

    47. truculent adj-fierce, savage, cruel

    48. vacillate v-hesitate, waver, change

    49. vilify v-slander, malign

    50. vituperation n-verbal abuse
  11. 1. abhor v-hate, loathe, detest

    2. abstraction n- deduction, idea separate from specific objects

    3. acme n-top, highest point of perfection

    4. affluence n-riches, abundance, opulence

    5. amnesty n-general pardon for offenses against the government, grant of immunity

    6. assuage v-lessen, pacify, mitigate

    7. bilious adj-sour, bad-tempered

    8. blase adj-bored, uninterested, satiated

    9. captious adj-quibbling, sophistical, carping

    10. circumspect adj-cautious, careful, unobjectionable
  12. 11. contraband n.-smuggled goods, prohibited goods

    12. countenance n.-face, expression, features

    13. deleterious adj.-bad, harmful, injurious

    14. despot n.-bully, dictator, tyrant

    15. dissident adj.-disagreeing, dissenting

    16. afrontary n.-nerve, boldness, presumption

    17. erudite adj.-well-read, scholarly

    18. expatiate v.-expand, enlarge

    19. felicitous adj.-fitting, apt, appropriate

    20.  garrulous adj.-talkative, chatty, loquacious

  13. 21. gesticulate v.-make motions, make gestures.

    22. hue n.-shades, tints.

    23. impasse n.-standstill, deadlock, insoluble

    24. ineluctable adj.-certain, unavoidable, inevitable.

    25. intransigent adj.-stubborn, uncompromising, irreconcilible, 

    26. ken n.-knowing, field of knowledge, congnizance.

    27. lucid adj.-clear, enlightening, comprehensible.

    28. malinger v.-shirking work, evading duty, feigning incapacity.

    29. mnemonic adj.-memory improvements.

    30. myriad adj.-crowds of, numerous, innumerable.
  14. 31. narcissitic adj.-self-centered, self-adulatory, egoistic.

    32. odious adj.-hateful, disgusting, offensive.

    33. palpitate v.-beat quickly, pounded.

    34. paraphrase n.-restatement, statement in other words.

    35. pedant n.-narrow-minded person, trivial person.

    36. peroration n.-conclusion, summary, recapitulation.

    37. platonic adj.-idealistic, spiritual, unsensual.

    38. pragmatic adj.-practical, business-like, factual.

    39. promiscuous adj.-loose, sexually uncontrolled.

    40. recalcitrant adj.-resisting authority, uncooperative, refractory.
  15. 41. restive adj.-nervous, uneasy, restless,

    42. sardonic adj.-sarcastic, biting, ironic, sneering

    43. sensuous adj.-physical, sensory

    44. stolid adj.-not easily excited, unemotional, impassive

    45. sybarite n.-lover of luxury, voluptuary

    46. tirade n.-antagonistic speech, outburst, denunciation

    47. vagary n.-whim, quirk, capriciousness

    48. venal adj.-corrupt, purchasable, mercenary

    49. vicarious adj.-second-hand, substitute, empathetic

    50. vitiated adj.-weakened, spoiled, marred
  16. 11.  deprecate v.-oppose, plead earnestly against, diapprabate

    12.  desultory adj.-occasion, random, haphazard

    13. eccletic adj.-gathered from many sources

    14. egregious adj.-bad, obvious, flagrant

    15.  enamored adj.-loving, fond

    16.  eschew v.-stay away from, shun, abstain from

    17.  facile adj.-easily influenced, complacent

    18.  fickle adj.-changing, unstable, inconstant

    19.  generic adj.-common, widespread, general

    20.  harbinger n.-sign, foreteller, prestager
  17. 21.  hypochrondriac adj.-worried about ones health, taken with imaginary illnesses

    22.  inpute adj.-charge, attribute, ascribe

    23.  ineptitude n.-clumsiness, unfitness, inefficiency

    24.  intrepid adj.-brave, fearless, dauntless

    25.  juxtapose v.-set together, put in proximity

    26.  labrynth n.-confusing pattern, entanglement, maze

    27. machiavellian adj.-sly, wily, astute

    28.  manifluous adj.-sweetly flowing, smooth, honeyed

    29.  nomad n.-wanderer, itinerant

    30.  ostentatious adj.-showing off, pretentious
  18. 31. paradox n.-inconsistency, apparent contradiction

    32. pathos n.-pitifulness, sympathy evoking nature

    33. pensive adj.-meditative, adsorbed

    34. philistine n.-uncultured, unrefined, ignorant

    35. poignant adj.-sharp, painful, keen

    36. prate v.-chatter, babble

    37. propinquity n.-nearness, closeness, proximity

    38. redress n.- repayment, remedy, reparation

    39. reticent adj.- reluctant to speak, reserved

    40. satiated adj.-fed up, wearied, surfeited
  19. 41. staccato adj.-sharp notes, disconnected

    42. succinct adj.-concise, compressed, laconic

    43. sychofant n.-flatterers, hangers on, toties

    44. tenacious adj.-firm, fast-holding, pertenacious

    45. tyro-beginner, youngster, novice

    46. vainglorious adj.-proud, pompous, inordinately elated

    47. verbosity n.-wordiness, redundency, superfluity of words

    48. vituoso n.-master of technique, accomplished performer, brilliant artist

    49. vivacity n.-liveliness, animation, spriteliness

    50. wanton adj.-loose, immoral, lascivious
  20. 1. abominate v.-hate, loathes, abhors

    2. accolade n.-praise, honor, award

    3. acrimonious adj.-bitter, harsh, caustic

    4. ambrosial adj.-delicious, delightful, divine

    5. aplomb n.-assurance, poise, nonchalence

    6. bellicose adj.-quarrelsome, war-like, pugnacious

    7. bizarre adj.-outlandish, odd, eccentric

    8. cajole v.-coax, tease, wheedle

    9. charlotteton n.-fraud, fake, imposter

    10. consternation n.-dismay, terror, astonishment
  21. 11. convolution n.-turns, windings, circumventions

    12. daunt v.-frighten, dismay, intimidate

    13. deduce v.-assume, infer, conclude by logical inference

    14. didactic adj.-preachy, sermonizing, pedantic

    15. effete adj.-tired, weak, unproductive

    16. emaciated adj.-thinned, wasted, unfleshed

    17. emetic n.-medicine which causes vomiting

    18. ethnic adj.-racial, pertaining to a group, cultural

    19. fallacious adj.-wrong, faulty, erroneous

    20. fidelity n.-loyalty, faithfulness, devotion
  22. 21. germane n.-closely related, pertinent, relevant

    22. heinous adj.-terrible, abominable, odious

    23. iconoclast n.-attacker of traditional ideas

    24. inane adj.-silly, devoid of sense

    25. injunction n.-court order, command, enjoining

    26. intrinsic adj.-necessary, essential, inherent

    27. lascivious adj.-lustful, lude, wanton

    28. mendacious adj.-false, untruthful, prevaricating 

    29. mulct v.-cheated out of, tricked out of, robbed of

    30. nugatory adj.-worthless, trifling, ineffectual
  23. 31. abjugatory adj.-rebuking, upraiding, chiding

    32. occify v.-harden, settle, rigidify

    33. paragon n.-model, perfect example, type

    34. parity n.-similarity, equality, equivalence

    35. parentry adj.-commanding, dictatorial, inperious

    36. flagmatic adj.-sluggish, inperturbable

    37. portentious adj.-foretelling, prestaging, prodigious with news

    38. precocious adj.-ahead of ones age level, forward, prematurely brilliant

    39. pugnacious adj.-quarrelsome, belligerent, combative

    40. repetoire n.-list of performance pieces, inventory
  24. 41. rusticate v.-stay in the country, become rural 

    42. scintillate v.- twinkled, sparkled, shone tremonously

    43. staid adj.-correct, sober, decorous

    44. supersilious adj.-snobbish, vain, pompous

    45. synthesis n.-combination, reconciliation

    46. undulate v.-move up and down, rippled

    47. urbane adj.-polite, refined, suave

    48. vegetate v.-live unthinkingly, merely exist

    49. vehement adj.-violent, passionate, furious

    50. vindictive adj.-mean, spiteful, revengeful
  25. 1. abrogate v.-cancel, annul, repealed

    2. accost v.-approach with a greeting, salute

    3. adjudicate v.-settle, adjudge, decide

    4. ameliorate v.-help, improve, better

    5. antithesis n.-contrast, opposite

    6. aqualine adj.-curved, hawk-like

    7. benignant adj.-kindly, gracious

    8. bland adj.-mild, smooth, suave

    9. cant n.-hypocrisy, insincerity, meaningless phrases

    10. chauvinism n.-fanatical pride, contempt of another group, jingoism
  26. 11. contemporary n.-those of the same age, co-evils

    12. convivial adj.-sociable, jovial, companionable

    13. corpulent adj.-fat, obese, stout

    14. decadent adj.-decaying, declining, deteriorating

    15. derision n.-scornful laughter, mockery, ridicule

    16. disconcerted adj.-confused, embarrassed, taken by surprise

    17. effervescent adj.-lively, bubbling, vivacious

    18. enbroil v.-entangle, implicate, involve

    19. ennui n.-boredom, the blues, melancholy

    20. evanescent adj.-passing, ephemeral, transitory
  27. 21. frugality n.-thrift, economy

    22. heterogenious adj.-varied, dissimilar, miscellaneous

    23. ignominious adj.-shameful, dishonorable, despicable

    24. incongruous adj.-unsuitable, inharmonious, ill-assorted

    25. insipid adj.-uninteresting, dull vapid

    26. jocose adj.-jolly, humorous, playful

    27. judicious adj.-wise, sensible, well-advised

    28. levity n.-thoughtlessness, frivolity, flippancy

    29. magnanimity n.-great-heartedness, generosity, nobility

    30. maladrioit adj.-gauche, awkward, unskilled
  28. 31. metaphysics n.-philosophy of the origin and essential nature of life

    32. moot adj.-irrelevant, no longer important

    33. mundane adj.-commonplace, practical, earthly

    34. obdurate adj.-stubborn, inflexible, obstinate

    35. onerous adj.-burdensome, troublesome, oppressive

    36. paranoic adj.-subject to delusions of hostility

    37. peccadillo n.-triffling errors, faults, weaknesses

    38. pernicious adj.-destructive, harmful, noxious

    39. platitude n.-commonplaces, cliches, truisms

    40. potpurri n.-medley, mixture, miscellany
  29. 41. pristine n.-unspoiled, fresh, uncontaminated

    42. prozaic adj.-dull, commonplace, unimaginative

    43. punctilious adj.-careful, proper, scrupulous

    44. resilient adj.-elastic, rebounding, springy

    45. salacious adj.-lustful, lecherous

    46. sedition n.-treason, inciting rebellion

    47. stoic adj.-brave, unmoved, calm

    48. superfluous adj.-unnecessary, needless, supererogatory

    49. verity n.-truth, fact, reality

    50. vogue n.-fashion, style, mode
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