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  1. Basic function of the preatorian guard 
    They made up most of the troops stationed in Italy and Augustus had decided that they should be garissoned in groups in the provinces to avoid the impression of a military dictatorship
  2. AD 22
    His statute is erected in Rome
  3. AD 14
    • He accompanied Drusus on the mission to Pannonia which allowed him to showcase his ingenuity and loyalty
    • He becomes first preatorian prefect with his father
  4. Sejanus' background (3 things)
    • He was an equestrian born in Vulsinii
    • His quick rise to preator (a position not usually for equestrians) started to gain him enemies among the old senatorial class
    • He was an able administrator who quickly won the approval and friendship of Tiberius
  5. AD 20
    He is implicated in the "cover up" of the potential poisoning of Germanicus
  6. AD21
  7. Who was his father
    • Lucius strabo
    • In AD 15 strabo was appointed to be prefect of Egypt and so Sejanus became sole preatorian prefect
  8. How does Tacitus show the influence of Sejanus
    When the senate chose a governor of Africa and Quintus Junius Blaesus was "beyond competition, being Sejanus' uncle"
  9. Apart from Tiberius' retirement to Capri, what else increased his influence
    The death of Livia in AD 29
  10. What are the issues with sources regarding Sejanus
    Owing to missing documents, Tacitus' history is incomplete for the later years of Sejanus' career which means we rely on suetonius
  11. AD 26
    He saves Tiberius' life on the way to Capri which increases his power
  12. How did Tiberius refer to Sejanus
    Socius laborum (partner of my labours)
  13. When did Tiberius retire to Capri
    AD 26, aged 67
  14. Why did Tiberius go to Capri
    • The isolation attracted him
    • He had become weary of senatorial life and his mother livia
  15. Who did Sejanus constantly have a rivalry with and why
    • Agrippina
    • He saw her as a threat to his powers as her children has a claim to the principate
  16. What happened in AD 30
    • He really attacked Agrippina and had her friends Sabinus and Silius accused of treason
    • Then he had Agrippina and her sons either banished or killed
  17. What was Sejanus awarded in AD 31
    • The joint consulship with Tiberius and he was awarded pro consular imperium
    • He also secured control of some of the provincial armies for his friends
  18. How did the people feel about Sejanus and how do we know this
    • They didn't like him
    • Tacitus says that the public were dissatisfied at the betrothal of Claudius' son to the daughter of Sejanus as they felt it depreciated the nobility the imperial house
  19. How did tiberius' retirement to Capri increase Sejanus' influence (3 things)
    • All correspondence had to go through him, meaning people clamoured to be his friend
    • Now that Tiberius was gone he had increased control of Rome itself
    • He was free to persecute Agrippina
  20. Who wrote the letter to Tiberius and why
    In AD 31 Antonia wrote the letter warning hin that Sejanus' power was unacceptable and a threat
  21. What does Tiberius do after Sejanus death with the preatorian guard
    • Suetonius tells us that he have the preatorian guard 1, 000 denarii a head for not aligning themselves with Sejanus
    • This is the ONLY time Tiberius ever gave the army anything beyond their pay
  22. How does Sejanus first increase his power
    • Suetonius tells us that He persuades Tiberius to condense the preatorian guards into one fortified camp within Rome itself
    • This enhanced Sejanus' power base and his ability to intimidate
  23. Arguably the biggest impact he had?
    • The death of Drusus
    • Called into question the future direction of the principate as Sejanus had no doubt intended
  24. What did he do in AD 25
    In an attempt to increase his power base he divorced his wife Apicata and asked to marry Livillia
  25. What would Tiberius not allow
    • The marriage of Sejanus and Livillia, although he didn't actually condemn it
    • Sejanus was alarmed by this refusal and then attempted to further isolate Tiberius
  26. Who took over as head of the preatorian guard
    Macro, previously prefect of the vigiles
  27. How does suetonius contradict the belief that Tiberius considered Sejanus to be the partner of his labours
    "Tiberius felt no affection for Sejanus"
  28. What happened in the courts after the death of Sejanus
    Accusations of maiestas included the general charge of being a friend of Sejanus
  29. How did tiberius react to discovering Sejanus' betrayal
    • Suetonius says that his savagery increased
    • He was hard hit by the realisation that Sejanus had killed Drusus which furthered his bitterness and disillusionment and meant that he could never face returning from Capri
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