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  1. rocker bar -- for what?
    allows more push-off in weak or inflexible feet

    used for metatarsalgia and weak PF
  2. posterior stop -- limits what? corrects for what?
    • limits PF
    • corrects for recurvatum and toe drag
  3. anterior stop - limits what? prevents what?
    • limits DF
    • knee buckling or excessive knee flexion
  4. duty cycle ratios for FES for min-no atrophy, mod atrophy, and severe atrophy
    • 1:1 or 1:2
    • 1:3 or 1:4
    • 1:5 or 1:10
  5. normal chronaxie value
    < 1 millisec -- the min time current must be on to produce a minimal muscle contraction
  6. conventional TENS
    • high freq (75-120 pps), short pulse width (50-100 microseconds) low intensity
    • 20-60 min
    • relief of acute or chronic pain
  7. low freq (1-4 pps) wide pulse (150-300 microseconds) high intensity -- what is this? for what? how long?
    • acupuncture-like TENS
    • for chronic conditions 
    • provides longer pain relief 
    • 30-40 min
  8. what kind of TENS for  pain relief from procedures like wound debridement, deep friction massage, or passive stretching?
    • brief intensity
    • high pulse rate (150 pps), long width (300 microseconds)
    • 15 min
    • gives rapid-onset short-term pain relief
  9. reaction that can happen under a cathode
    secondary alkaline relaction (NaOH) bc the cathode attracts positive ions
  10. reaction that can happen under an anode
    acid production (HCl) bc the neg ions are drawn to the anode

    so check every 3-5 min
  11. for bactericidal effect active electrode should have what polarity?

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