Hyperbaric History Chronologically

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  1. Who pressurized the first cottage and what year?
    N. Henshaw (a British Clergyman) in 1662
  2. Who demonstrated the operations of the first practical diving bell? And what year?
    • Edmond Halley in 1690
    • Same guy they named the comet after.
  3. When and by Whom was the discovery of Oxygen published?
    By Joseph Priestley in 1775.
  4. Who invented the 1st Practical SCUBA device and what year?
    In 1825 an Englishman named William H. James invented the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA)
  5. The 1st pneumatic caisson was used by whom and in what year?
    A French mining engineer by the name of Triger used the mining technique in 1841 to mine coal.
  6. Who published the descriptions of Caisson's Disease and in what year? He was also known for publishing the descriptions of Bubble Theory, Decompression Sickness and Oxygen Toxicity.
    Paul Bert in 1878
  7. Who was know for building a mobile operating room that could be pressurized and in what year?
    A French Surgeon named J. A. Fontaine in 1879
  8. In what year was the 1st use of compression therapy for decompression sickness in caisson workers done?
    In 1889
  9. Who first introduced compression therapy to the United States and in what year?
    It was J. L. Corning in 1891. He was also the first physician to administer a spinal anesthetic, and the 1st to power his compressors with electricity.
  10. Who described Pulmonary Oxygen toxicity and in what year?
    It was Lorraine Smith in 1899
  11. Who published the 1st Dive tables and studies of Stage Decompression and in what year?
    Is was in 1906 by a Scottish Physiologist named Dr. John S. Haldane.
  12. When and by whom described the lethal air embolism that occurres in shallow ascent training?
    it was by Dr. Albert R. Behnke (USN Retired) in 1932.
  13. Who did the studies @ Harvard on Oxygen tolerance limits in man? and what year?
    It was also by Dr. Albert R. Behnke in 1937
  14. Who and When published the paper called "Life Without Blood?"
    That was in 1959 by Dr. I. Boerema at the University of Amsterdam.
  15. When was the UMS (Undersea Medical Society) founded?
    • in 1967.
    • Dr. Albert R. Behnke was one of the doctors who help found the society.
  16. When did the UMS change it's name to the (Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society) UHMS?
    In 1986
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