Essentials of Business Law Chapter 31

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  1. Respondeat superior
    A legal doctrine that holds that the acts of an employee committed while performing duties are considered the acts of the employer.
  2. Independent contractor
    One who contracts to do a job and who retains complete control over the methods employed to obtain completion.
  3. Employment at will
    A doctrine that states that an employer may terminate an employee's employment at any time for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all.
  4. Employment contract
    An agreement that specifies that the employer agrees to pay, and the employee agrees to work, for a specified period of time at a specified salary.
  5. Employee handbook
    A manual published by an employer that contains the many policies of the firm.
  6. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
    The FLSA is a law that sets standards for the minimum age an employee can be, the minimum wages an employee can earn, and the rate at which an employee is paid if he or she works more than a certain number of hours in a given workweek.
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