Day 37

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  1. accomplish
    v. achieve, work out, execute, put through 성취하다
  2. accordingly
    adv. for that reason, consequently  따라서
  3. alarm (2)
    n. 1, fear, fright, terror, dismay horror  공포, 놀람

    Jane felt alarm at the sight of the snake.

    v. 2. upset, surprise, startle     놀라게 하다
  4. apparatus
    n. device, equipment            기구
  5. backbone
    n. foundation, spine                  충추, 척추
  6. bode
    v. foretell, presage              징조가 되다

    The early sales figures bode well for the success of the book.
  7. cargo
    n. load, freight, shipment, burden         화물
  8. composition
    n. make-up, formation, organization  구성, 조직
  9. conduit
    n. pipe, channel                     도관, 선, 전선관

    cable networks are a crucial conduit for delivering information.
  10. consider
    v. contemplate, muse, deem        깊이 생각하다, 간주하다
  11. dual
    adj. double                            이중의
  12. encroach
    v. invade, trespass, intrude (남의 시간 권리 생활 등을) 침해하다

    The hunters were fined heavily for encroaching on the farmer's property.
  13. ensue
    v. follow, result, succeed     격식 (어떤 일 결과가) 뒤따라 일어나다, 뒤따르다

    The two students began arguing and a fight ensued.
  14. equip
    v. furnish, provide       (필요한 것을) 갖추어 주다

    The laboratory is equipped for atomic research.
  15. establish
    v. organie, constitute, set up, institute, found                   설립하다
  16. exorbitant
    adj. expensive, excessive, extravagant, immoderate                 (격식) (가격이)과도한, 지나친

    The restaurant is excellent, but its prices are exobitant.
  17. explicit
    adj. clear, obvious, unambigous, definite 명백한

    The secretary was given explicit instructions not to give callers the manager's private phone number.
  18. frantic
    adj. hectic, desperate, frenzied  미친(광란의), 정신없이 서두르는

    There was a frantic rush to get the las available tickets before the game.
  19. hectic
    adj. full of excitement, feverish, fervid  매우 흥분한, 정신없이 분주한

    The child had a pretty hectic day at school.
  20. inafugurate
    v. begin, commence, install           개시하다

    Following every federal election year in America, a ceremony is held to inaugurate the new president's term of office.
  21. incise
    v. carve, cut, engrave               새기다

    A stone incised with decorative symbols was recently purchased by the museum.
  22. jubilant
    adj. exulting, joyful              환희에 찬
  23. mode
    n. form, fashion, method, style    양식, 형태
  24. ominous
    adj. foreboding, threathening, doomful   불길한

    The Oregon crisis was ominous because it coioncided with a threat of war with work.
  25. perpetual
    adj. constant, ceaseless, enduring    끊임없는

    Mike moved because of the perpetual noise from the apartment next door.
  26. praiseworthy
    adj. admirable, commendable, laudable, praisable                        칭찬할 만한
  27. progressive
    adj. advanced, liberal                 진보적인
  28. provide
    v. supply, afford, furnish                 제공하다
  29. provision
    n. supply, food                        식량

    The students made an investigation of the cause of the present high price of provisions.
  30. puzzle over
    phr. wonder about          쩔쩔매다, 이리저리 생각하다
  31. ruinous
    adj. destructive, catastrophic        파괴적인
  32. solicitation
    n. invitation, entreaty, request    권유, 간청
  33. solicitude
    n. concern, anxiety, care, worry     배려, 근심, 염려

    The president expressed deep solicitude for the victims of the bombing.
  34. stray
    v. wonder, deviate, straggle, swerve  벗어나다, 이탈하다
  35. troublesome
    adj. onerous, difficult, annoying   힘든 (성가신)
  36. unqualified
    adj. complete, absolute, utter, through 절대적인
  37. weak
    adj. infirm, fragile, frail, delicate     약한
  38. witness
    v. 1. observe, watch, notice      목격하다

    v. 2. testimony, evidence                증거
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