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    • what software is used to connect the buffalo router to wireless clients
    • client manager 3 (CM3)
  1. what mode must the airstation be set to
  2. what port does the cable from the floor jack plug into
    internet port
  3. what is the default network of the buffalo airstation router
  4. what is the default IP address used with the web tool
  5. what information does the wireless configuration button display
    displays the configuration screen for security
  6. what information does the internet information option display
    displays WAN-side system information for the airstation
  7. what are the two different formats for a pre-shaped key
    • broadcast SSID
    • use multi security functions
    • SSID1
    • SSID2
    • SSID3 separate feature
    • SSID
    • wireless authentication
  8. what is WEP
    wired equivalent privacy
  9. what is TKIP
    temporal key integrity protocol
  10. what is AES
    advanced encryption
  11. what configuration option is used to configure a WAN-side port
    • method of acquiring IP address
    • default gateway
    • address of DNS name server
    • internet MAC address
    • MTU size of internet port
  12. what type of wireless networks can the linksys express card connect to
    • wireless-A
    • wireless-N
    • wireless-G
    • wireless-B
  13. how is connectivity with the router verified
    ping default gateway
  14. what is the web address for the ALTIS intranet
  15. what does NIPRNET stand for
    unclassified internet protocol routing network
  16. what does SIPRNET stand for
    secret internet protocol routing network
  17. what are the five steps involved in the network security implementation
    • 1: asset identification
    • 2: threat assessment
    • 3: risk assessment
    • 4: network security policy and architecture implementation
    • 5: audit and improvement
    • key phase: a true rapist never ask
  18. what are the four things audits are used for
    • verify proper operation of implemented security measures
    • identify vulnerabilities with current security measures
    • identify end user patterns that can be subjected to attacks
    • determine new security requirements
  19. what are three ways physical security for end user aggregation devices can be implemented
    • rack mounting the units
    • locating the rack high on the wall
    • using lockable mounting cabinets
  20. where should edge and core devices be located at
    a secure wiring closet
  21. list other security issues that need to be considered
    • redundant network locals
    • network topology
    • secure media
    • power supply system
    • environmetal
  22. what does TTY stand for
  23. what does VTY stand for
    virtual typewriter
  24. what are two encryption methods for configuration passwords
    • message digest 5 (MD5)
    • secure hash algorithm (SHA)
  25. what are loopback interfaces
    is a virtual interface that can be used for inter-device communication
  26. what word should never be used on a login banner
  27. what does WPS stand for
    Wireless Protected Setup (WPS)
  28. what does NAS stand for
    Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  29. what does WPA stand for
    Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
  30. what does AOSS stand for
    AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure Setup).
  31. what does the log out from the configuration screen of the airstation do
    • If the AirStation does not communicate for 5 minutes, it will log out automatically.
    • Temporal Key Integrity Protocol/Advanced Encryption Standard (TKIP/AES) mixed mode can be selected only when WPA/WPA2 mixed mode - PSK (pre-shared key) is selected for Wireless authentication.
  32. what is WPA-PSK (pre-shared key) do and what is it know as
    • A pre-shared key or passphrase is the “password” for the technician’s wireless connections.
    • There are two different formats for a pre-shared key. Use 8 to 63 alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive) for a “character” (ASCII) passphrase, or use 64 digits using 0 to 9 and a to f (not case-sensitive) for a “hexadecimal” passphrase.
  33. what is the set up wired equivalent privacy encryption key do
    • A WEP encryption key (passphrase) may have any of four different formats.
    • A “character” (ASCII) passphrase may use either 5 or 13 alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive).
    • A “hexadecimal” passphrase may use either 10 or 26 digits using 0 to 9 and a to f (not casesensitive). 2127 FOR TRAINING USE ONLY
  34. what does WEP stand for
    Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
  35. what is the login banner
    • A login banner should advertise that unauthorized access to the system is prohibited.
    • A login banner can also advertise that access to the system will be tracked and monitored.
    • Do NOT use the word “Welcome” in a login banner.
    • Do NOT include information regarding any of the following items in a login banner:
    • 1. Operating System
    • 2. Hardware
    • 3. Logical Configuration
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