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  1. Ethos
    An appeal based on credibility
  2. Logos
    An appeal based on logic
  3. Pathos
    An appeal to emotion
  4. Polysyndeton
    Repetition of conjunctions
  5. Asyndeton
    Absence of conjunctions
  6. Chaismus
    Figure of speech in which the order of words in the first clause is reversed in the scond
  7. Alleritation
    Repetition of initial consonant sounds
  8. Anaphora
    Repetition of the same words or phrases at the start of the successive phrases
  9. Epistrophe
    Repetition of the same words/phrases at the END of successive phrases
  10. Apostrophe
    Turning aside to address a someone absent or inanimate
  11. Assonance
    Repetition of vowel sounds
  12. Litote
  13. Hyperbole
  14. Synecdoche
    Part signifies the whole
  15. Metonymy
    attribute represents the object
  16. Periodic sentance
    Long sentence where the main clause does not end until the end
  17. Loose sentance
    Long sentence, main then a bunch of dependent clauses
  18. isocolon
    parallel sentences
  19. Paradox
    contradictory but a deeper truth
  20. Oxymoron
    two contradictory ideas
  21. aphorism
    concise statement
  22. Denotation
    dictionary definition
  23. Connotation
    emotional overtone of a word
  24. loaded words
    strong emotional words good or bad
  25. Euphemism
    avoiding offending
  26. Satire
    ridiculing human shortcoming
  27. juxtaposition
    playing two vastly different things side by side to make a point
  28. Boisterous
    rough and noisiy
  29. Fanciful
  30. wistful
    thoughtful in a sad way
  31. admonitory
    serving as a warning
  32. benign
    having a kindly or gentle disposition
  33. bowdlerize
    remove objectionalble material
  34. vigor
    active strength
  35. fiduciary
    having to do with trust or confidence in public affairs
  36. Furrow
    a groove in something
  37. Ambivalent
    unable to choose between two options
  38. Effusive
    unnecessarily demonstrative
  39. Genial
    warm and cheerful
  40. Arrogant
  41. Incontrovertible
    not open to question or dispute
  42. staunch
    loyal faithful
  43. moiety
    about have
  44. paradigm
    pattern or way to look at things
  45. recapitulate
    summarize at the end of a speech
  46. Tautology
    needless repetition of an idea
  47. Kowtow
    show servile deference
  48. Elated
    extremely joyful
  49. jocular
    intended for joking
  50. Nostalgic
    yearning for happiness felt in a former place or time
  51. Rhetoric
    study of the effective use of language
  52. convoluted
    overly complicated
  53. Impetus
  54. piety
    reverence to god
  55. maverick
    someone who stands aparet
  56. imcumbent
  57. inveterate
    deeply rooted
  58. exuberant
    happy and full of energy
  59. incendiary
    something indented to make people angry
  60. truncated
  61. Dilettante
    an amature
  62. Decorus
    marked by good taste or rightr behaivor
  63. PRudent
    marked by common sense
  64. Caustic
    remark that is unkind
  65. Malfeasance
    illegal or dishonest activity
  66. Ponderous
    extremly dull
  67. Antecendent
    word which a pronoun refers to
  68. Exultant
    very happy or proud
  69. Pedantic
    showing off ones knowledge while teaching another
  70. Mundance
  71. Timorous
  72. solvent
    able to pay one's debts
  73. Anachronism
    out of place in time
  74. Anthropomorphism
    animals have same thoughts and feelings as human
  75. Gesticulating
    using hand motions
  76. Propitious
  77. Parable
    a simple short story
  78. Flippant
    not serious about subjects
  79. Conceit
    witty idea
  80. homily
    a sermon
  81. Hubris
  82. Mirthful
    full of hapiness
  83. Rebuttal
    proof that a statement made against you is false
  84. syllogism
    statement with three parts, first two prove the last two
  85. Parlay
    take winnings from a bet and bet again
  86. Harangue
    speak in a load angry way
  87. Motif
    recurring theme in a work of war
  88. Pulverize
    to destory
  89. Caricature
    exaggerated portrait or catoon
  90. Mendicant
  91. Delineate
    to make boundaries clear
  92. Dyspeptic
    glooby and irritable
  93. Soridid
    filthy and corrupt
  94. Dispirit
    to dishearten
  95. Flout
    to treat contemptuously, to scorn
  96. Euthanasia
    mercy killing
  97. Soluable
    capable of being solved
  98. Sinecure
    a well paying job or office with little work
  99. Anathema
    something detested
  100. Supplant
    replace or subsititue
  101. husbandry
    art of managing carefully and thriftily, usually on a farm
  102. Disbar
    to expel from the legal profession
  103. consecrate
    to declare are sacred
  104. constitutent
    a component, part
  105. Clamor
    noisy outcry
  106. Inimical
  107. Fecund
  108. cygent
    young swan
  109. ingrate
    ungrateful person
  110. lugubrious
    dismal, mournful, in an exaggerated manner
  111. impolitic
    unwise, imprudent
  112. dotard
    senile old person
  113. Cosset
    to pamper or treat with great care
  114. aviary
    large enclosure of housing berds
  115. forment
    to arouse or incite
  116. fawn
    to flatter excessively
  117. heathan
  118. inestimable
    too great to be estimated
  119. hegemony
    leadership by a country
  120. deprecate
    to belittle or disparage, to strongly disapprove
  121. Machinations
    unfair plots or schemes
  122. neonate
  123. industry
  124. matriculate
    to enroll as a member of a college
  125. disarray
  126. philistine
    person lacking appreciation in art or culture
  127. pique
    to excite intrest or curiosity
  128. Lissome
    limber, agile
  129. perfidy
  130. infinitesimal
    extremely small
  131. holisitc
    emphasizing the whole
  132. puritanical
    ad hearing to a rigid moral
  133. quiescence
  134. nominal
  135. senescent
  136. novitiate
    a beginner
  137. occule
    to shut or block
  138. centripetal
    moving torward the center
  139. windfall
  140. perchant
  141. veneration
    adoration, honor, respect
  142. dupe
    to trick
  143. nomadic
    moving from place to place
  144. tottering
    barely standing
  145. solecism
    grammatical mistake
  146. sufferable
  147. unhearalded
  148. Drivel
    stupid talk
  149. incursion
    sudden invasion
  150. snippet
    tiny part
  151. scurrilous
  152. quaternary
    in four parts
  153. paragon
    model of excellence
  154. militate
    work against
  155. beseech
    to beg or plead
  156. mote
    a small particle
  157. mottle
    mark with sports
  158. abritrator
  159. luscious
    very tastey
  160. stupefy
    to shock so much as to dull the senses
  161. malefactor
  162. limpid
  163. utopia
    perfect place
  164. gall
  165. stint
    period of time doing something
  166. xenophobia
    fear or hatred of foreigners
  167. expatriate
    person living away from their native lands
  168. bellow
    roar or shout
  169. perdition
    complete damnation
  170. implore
  171. vituperative
    verbally abusive
  172. tundra
    treeless plain
  173. tundra
    treeless plain
  174. undermine
    to thwart or sabotage
  175. dulcet
    pleasant sounding
  176. pertinacious
  177. volition
    free will
  178. aberration
    deviating from the usual
  179. censure
    to blame
  180. buffoon
    someone ho amuses with tricks
  181. crass
  182. diatribe
  183. augment
    increase or enlarge
  184. elucidate
    to make clear
  185. extrol
    praise highly
  186. galvanize
    arouse suddenly
  187. tritr
    common place
  188. aggrandizement
    increase in rank
  189. clandestine
  190. ingratiate
    to make one's slef acceptable
  191. insipt
    lacking intrest
  192. lassitude
  193. officious
  194. respire
    temporary blank
  195. surmise
    to imagine or infer on little evidence
  196. temerity
  197. voluminous
    large, bulky
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