USMLE13 step3

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  1. when do you correct cleft palate
    10 week, 10lbs and 10 g of hb
  2. what commonly affects the eye in hiv patients
  3. mnx of a pt with dyspepsia and nsaid use
    • stop nsaid
    • trial of PPI
  4. physiologic jaundice presents when after birth
    24 hours after
  5. 3 cases when iv potassium should be given
    • cardiac arrhythmias
    • hepatic encephalopathy
    • ventilator use
    • paralytic ileus
  6. 4 studies done after a stroke
    • ct angiography
    • carotid doppler
    • ekg
    • echo
  7. pe and then pt develops fever, cause
    just a fever in response to PE
  8. what binds calcium in a transfusion
    citrate if it is not metabolized to lactate in renal, hepatic , septic or hypotenisive conditions
  9. how is hypocalcemia treated prophylactically during transfusions
    20 cc of calcium gluconate is given for every 1 liter
  10. can topicals be used in pregnancy
    no it is better to give topical macrolides, clinda, benzoyl peroxide
  11. rx for asymptomatic calcified gall bladder
  12. sle patient with normal labs and now has kidney function altered, next step
    renal biopsy
  13. rx for latent tb in kids and adults when resistance to inh is seen
    • kids--rifampin for 6 months
    • adults--rifampin for 4 months
  14. in pernicioius anemia, what is affected
    fundus and body
  15. best test for cerebral palsy
  16. most common causes for carpall tunnel
    systemic dz like diabetes, obesity, hypothyroid, esrd
  17. in a skewed distribution what is the best measure of central tendency
  18. what is the relationship of mean, median and mode in a negatively skewed distribution curve
    positively skewed distribution curve
    in negative-- mean<median<mode

    in positive- mean>median>mode
  19. what is flexiable kyphosis
    • thoracic curve in adolescents
    • brace and exercise to strengthen spinal muscles
  20. best initial rx for head and neck tumors
    radiation therapy or chemo or laser excision
  21. most common complication of acute otitis media
    another acute otitis media
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