Rec 100 final- movie history

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  1. Kinetograph
    (1880s) Concept based on adding visuals to phonograph.
  2. Lumiere Brothers
    Invented first commercial viable projector and camera (1890s)
  3. Edwin Porter
    “Great Train Robbery” (1903) first edited narrative film.
  4. Studio Star System
    (1960-1950) contracted actors to the new film studio.
  5. 1923
    Warner brothers.
  6. 1924
  7. 1925
    20th Century fox
  8. 1927
    Paramount pictures
  9. 1927
    Warner bros tries ‘Vitaphone’ system with “The Jazz Singer.
  10. 1960s
    Conflict- Studios insisted on making “entertainment” films while ignoring  issues of the day. (corporations acquire studios)
  11. Today, Corperations own:
    • Disney
    • Viacom
    • Sony
    • Newscorp
    • Time Warner
    • Universal
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