rec 100 final- Film Production

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  1. 1.  Development
    • -script/screenplay written.
    • -script treatment (brief narrative version).
    • -Producer, director, or stars come (on board-commit to project).
    • -Financing secured and movie green lighted by production company.
  2. 2.  Pre-production-
    • -Casting 
    • -Director
    • -Cinematographer
    • -Crew
    • -Location
    • -Set design
    • -Shooting Script- is prepared
  3. 3.  Principle Photography-
    -First Assistant Director calls “Quiet on the set!”

    -Dapper board  is snapped
  4. 4.  Post Production-
    -Begins during principle photography, Dialogue synced to picture.

    -Dailies-  footage from prior days which director, producer and actors go through and select for use.
  5. Film Post
    Director- Brings vision to film/ guides actors.

    Make-up/Hair- artist who grooms cast.

    Cinematographer- Design and set lighting.

    Camera-op- Selects lenses/filters and conducts shoot.
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