rec100 final theater personell

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  1. Artistic Director
    -Selects production for theater.                       -Has influence on cast.
  2. Director
    • - casts the show .
    • -brings vision to stage.                         
    • -helps develop actors performance.
  3. Stage Manager
    • -runs show during performance.
    • -calls cues from prompt book.
    • -occupies role of director during run.
  4. Fly Person
    -rigs and operates fly which raises and lowers set pieces.
  5. Stage Hand
    • -moves props and set pieces on and off stage.
    • -rigs set pieces and stage components.
    • -tend to all mechanical aspects.
  6. Set Designer
    -produce drawings and models of stage setting and set pieces.
  7. Lighting Designer
    • -selects and positions instruments in the grid.
    • -programs lighting console during rehearsal.
  8. Sound Designer
    • -design sound system
    • -create production track
    • -selects music
  9. Wardrobe
    - Costume designer.
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