Air Masses Affecting the UK

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  1. What are the features of Arctic Maritime Air?
    • Northerly 
    • Very rare in summer 
    • Snow in highland areas in Winter 
    • Hail and showers in spring
    • Unstable over sea 
    • Strong Northerly winds 
    • Very cold in winter
  2. What are the features of Polar continental air?
    • Easterly 
    • Unstable over North sea
    • High wind chill factor 
    • Showers at coasts due to air mixing
    • Cools and stabilises as it moves inland
    • Showers at coasts 
    • Warm in summer
  3. What are the features of Polar Maritime air?
    • North Westerly 
    • Gales and storms due to passing cold front
    • Unstable over land and sea 
    • Brings cold air all year round 
    • Rainfall over west and Scottish Highlands 
    • Warms as it passes over sea 
    • Clear skies
  4. What are the characteristics of Tropical Continental air?
    • Southerly 
    • More common in summer 
    • Heat waves 
    • Stable in winter, unstable in summer 
    • Upper layers become unstable as temps rise 
    • Thunderstorms 
    • Low humidity 
    • Clear skies 
    • Gentle winds 
    • Cloudy and wet over Scotland and Highland areas
  5. What are the characteristics of Tropical Maritime air?
    • Southerly 
    • Blow from the tropics 
    • Stable all year round 
    • Mild and wet in Winter 
    • Stable low air until uplift 
    • Poor visibility 
    • Warm temperature 
    • Occurs during depressions

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Air Masses Affecting the UK
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