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  1. Kimsey 1996
    D lost control in high speed chase killing another driver - sufficient cause but not sole cause
  2. Willams
    D and others picked up hitch hiker who jumped out of car at 30mph and died - not foreseable
  3. Holland
    D deliberately cut mans finger, cut became infected and man told amputation was necessary but he delayed and died of blood poisoning - liable for death
  4. Pagett
    D used pregnant girlfriend as human shield. Police returned D's fire and girl killed - foreseeable that they would return fire
  5. Jordan
    D stabbed man who almsot recovered but doctor gave antibiotic without checking and victim died - not liable D's conduct palpably wrong.
  6. Clarke
    D took items from supermarket without knowing due to diabetes and depression -  need inability to reason, not just imperfect reasoning
  7. Kempt
    D had harderning of arteries he attacked wife with hammer - physical illness removed D's mind and ability to reason
  8. Burgess
    D attacked girlfriend after falling asleep watching film - sleepwalking was insanity - internal cause of daily hassles
  9. Hennessy
    D diabetic and took no insulin for three days. Charged with taking motor vechicles without consent and driving disqualified - internal factor
  10. Bratty
    D straggled girlfriend with stocking whilst having a black-out - Lord Denning created test
  11. T
    D was suffering from PTSD - wasn't seen as sufficiently severe
  12. AG ref (no 2 of 1992) (1993)
    Lorry driver drove along motorway hard shoulder and killed two people but said was in trance-like state - only partial loss of control
  13. Hardie
    D was depressed and took some of girlfriend's Valium tablets before setting fire to wardrobe. D said no recollection of act - not a normal affect of valium (tranquilser)
  14. Howe
    D was one of a group who abused and killed a man. On later occassion D abused and killed a man. D said he acted because he had been threatened - no defence to murder
  15. Gotts
    D aged 16 threatened with violence by father so stabbed mother - no defence to attempted murder
  16. Valderramma-Vega
    D imported cocaine and said received threats of death, financial ruin and exposure of homosexuality - All threats considered because death was threatened.
  17. Cole
    D robbed building societies to repay debt as he and family threatened - Not immediate - no nextus between threat and offence
  18. Shepherd
    D joined shoplifting gang, threatened with violence when tried to leave - no knowledge that gang would use violence
  19. Hasan
    D associated with violent drug dealer and told to burgle house and open safe or he and family harmed. D entered house with knife and could not open safe - no defence associated with dealer
  20. Kingston
    D known paedophile, given drugged coffee by blackmailer and photographed busing sleeping teenage boy - had partial MR
  21. O'Grady
    d and friend drinking heavily and fell asleep. D said woke to find being hit so hit friend with glass ashtray next morning friend dead
  22. Jaggard V Dickinson
    D drunk and went to friend house but out so D broke window to enter as believed friend would consent to this D broke into wrong house
  23. Bird
    D gouged out ex-boyfriends eye during heated argument and after he had hit her - not essential to retreat
  24. Williams
    D grabbed and injured police officer mistakenly thought was assaulting youth - honest mistake
  25. AG ref No2 2 1983
    Man's shop was attacked during riots so made and stored petrol bombs for protection - make preparations
  26. Clegg
    D was solider on check point duty who fired bullets at passing car mistakenly thinking it was terrorists but last bullet killed joy riders - excessive force
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