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    • what type of software alerts when a virus is presented
    • anti virus
  1. what is the purpose of Spyware
    is to collect data from the user's computer and report it back to its company
  2. what is the most common way for adware and spyware get into your computer
    is through freeware such as file sharing programs
  3. what are two prominent programs for removing adware and spyware
    • ad-aware
    • spybot-search and destroy
  4. what does IAVA stand for
    infromation assurance vulnerability alert
  5. what does IAVB stand for
    information assurance vulnerability bulletin
  6. what does IAVT stand for
    information assurance vulnerability technical advisories
  7. what does IAVM stand for
    information assurance vulnerability measures
  8. what are the three types of IAV's
    • IAVA
    • IAVB
    • IAVT
  9. what does PKI stand for
    public key infrastructure
  10. what is PKI
    The comprehensive system required to provide public-key encryption and digital signature services is known as a public-key infrastructure.
  11. what enables encrypting and cryptographically signing email, facilitating the use of PKI authentication tools, and establishes an authoritative process for the use of identity credentials
    CAC (common access card)
  12. what does ACE stand for
    access control elements
  13. what are the two statements ACLs utilize
    • permit
    • deny
  14. what happens to packets that do not match any entries on an ACL
    its not forwarded
  15. what are the five categories of firewalls
    • circuit-level firewalls
    • proxy server firewalls
    • nonstateful packet filters
    • stateful packet filters
    • personal firewalls
  16. what type of firewall intercept requests being made by applications behind it
    proxy server firewalls
  17. which one of the five is the most common firewall in modern networks
    stateful packet filters
  18. what is a personal firewall
    firewalls installed on personal computers
  19. what are the four guidelines for positioning firewalls
    • topological location
    • accessibility and security zones
    • asymmetric routing
    • layering firewalls
  20. what is a DMZ
    demilitarized zone
  21. what is a VPN
    is a means of carrying private traffic over a public network
  22. what does VPN stand for
    virtual private network
  23. what is the purpose of IPSec
    constructs a VPN that encrypts traffic using an encryption algorithm for secure transmission across a public network such as the internet
  24. what is an intranet VPN
    are created to connect two or more private networks within the same organization
  25. what is an extranet VPN
    are used to connect private networks belonging to more than one organiztional unit
  26. what is intrusion detection
    is the process of detecting attempts to gain unauthorized access to a network and/or network resources or to create network degradation
  27. what are the two primary methods of intrusion detection
    • statistical anomaly-based IDS
    • pattern matching or signature-based IDS
  28. which of the two methods is the most commonly used
    pattern matching or signature-based IDS
  29. what does IPS stand for
    intrusion prevention system
  30. what is the device where the intrusion-prevention application is resident on that specific IP address, usually on a single computer
    host-based IPS
  31. what does NIPS stand for
    network intrusion prevention system
  32. what are protocol analyzers
    can natively decode application-layer network protocols, like HTTP or FTP
  33. what are the different types of IPSs
    • host-based IPS
    • network-based IPS
    • content-based IPS
    • rate-based IPS
  34. what is the primary purpose of the NATO interoperability standards and profiles (NISP)
    provides the necessary guidance and technical components to support project implementations and transition to NATO network enabled capability
  35. what does NNEC stand for
    NATO network enabled capability
  36. what is the purpose of a maturity model
    it was introduced to describe, qualify, and quantify the different levels of infrastructure capability
  37. what is the definition of RED equipment
    a term applied to equipment that processes unencrypted NSI that requires protection during electrical/electronic processing
  38. what is the definition of BLACK equipment
    a term applied to equipment that processes only unclassified and/or encrypted information
  39. whta is TEMPEST
    is an unclassified short name referring to investigations and studies of compromising emanations (CE)
  40. what are the three functions of the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Adivsory Memorandum (NSTISSAM) TEMPEST/2-95, RED/BLACK Installation Guidance
    • specifies RED/BLACK equipment/system installation guidance
    • provides an explanation of the TEMPEST policy concept
    • addresses RED/BLACK considerations for facilities where in national
    • security information is processed
  41. what are five variables within a facility that can affect the opportunity for the collection of compromising emanations
    • radiation characteristics of the information processing equipment
    • placement of signal and power cables
    • presence of fortuitous conductors
  42. what is a structured cabling system
    is defined as the complete collective configuration of cabling and associated hardware at a given site which has been installed to provide a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure
  43. what is backbone cabling
    handles the major network traffic
  44. what is horizontal cabling
    • horizontal cable and its connecting hardware
    • provide a means of transporting signals between the work area outlets and the cross-connect located in the wiring closet
  45. how large is a work area
    100 square feet
  46. what is another term for wiring closet
    telecommunications closets
  47. what is an equipment room
    a special-purpose room that maintians a suitable operating envirornment for large telecommunications equipment
  48. what are the three types of cross-connects
    • main cross-connect(MC)
    • intermediate cross-connect(IC)
    • horizonal cross-connect (HC)
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